Bastei Bridge of Saxony Switzerland

This engineering attraction in Germany has been exciting people for over 200 years. Bastai Bridge is located in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, which is near Dresden, in the eastern part of the country, near the border with the Czech Republic.
Bastai Bridge
Bastai Bridge. Saxon Switzerland

An important clarification is necessary: ​​Saxon Switzerland in Germany and the country Switzerland are different territories, and they are located for many kilometers from each other. Even the Czech Republic has its own Czech Switzerland.

Bastai bridge on the map

  • geographic coordinates of 50.961913, 14.073202.
  • the distance from the German capital of Berlin is about 200 km.
  • the distance to the nearest airport of Dresden is about 30 km.
  • Address: Bastei, 01824 Lohmen, Germany.

In the cliffs of Bastai on the right bank of the Elba River "high-high in the mountains" you can walk through the clouds, if you're lucky. This happens during fog when the Bastai Bridge is above it.

Bastai Bridge
Bastai bridge - walk in the clouds

Bastai Bridge in numbers

  • 76,5 length meters.
  • maximum height 165 meters.

The bridge was built of wood in the year 1824. Initially, it served as a means of connecting the Bastei fortress with neighboring cliffs. But since the beginning of the 19 century, the nearby area began to be popular among travelers, so in 1851 the bridge was redone, the structure was replaced and made of stone. To this day, these are seven spans standing on reliable supports.

It is known that from the 1812 of the year in these places trading shops and lodges for travelers have already begun to appear. And in 1826, one of the buildings that sheltered travelers from bad weather was turned into a restaurant. In general, the foundations of tourism activities were laid even then.

Of course, the bridge itself is genuine admiration. But no less amazing views are opened from its viewing platforms. Below, famous after the Second World War, the Elba River gradually carries its waters to the North Sea. The beautiful landscapes of the national park with forests and bizarre cliffs stretch to the horizon.

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Bastai Bridge
View from the Bastai Bridge
Bastai Bridge
View from the Bastai Bridge

Interesting facts about the Bastei Bridge

  • the bridge is considered the hallmark of Saxon Switzerland.
  • Bastai Rocks and Bastai Bridge are part of the so-called Route of Artists. The name is associated with well-known German artists Caspar David Friedrich (these are not three different names, that was his name), who painted a picture of the Bastai rocks, and German Krone (better known as a landscape photographer), who in 1853 placed a commemorative plaque on a rock near Bastai Bridge.
  • the bridge is officially recognized as a national monument and taken under state protection.

Bastay bridge in photos

Bastay Bridge

Bastai Bridge

Bastai Bridge

Bastai Bridge