Gellert Mountain in Budapest - all attractions


Traveling around Budapest, one of the famous places should not be missed - Gellert Hill. On it you can visit several local attractions at once, including the Statue of Liberty Budapest, the Citadel, a unique children's park. The 235-meter hill, named after the Catholic martyr Gellert, offers a beautiful view of the city. You need to visit the mountain at least in order to see with your own eyes the panorama of the capital of Hungary and the banks of the Danube.

How to get to the mountain

Anyone can visit the famous places, knowing how to get to Mount Gellert. On foot, the road will take a little longer than by car, but you will be able to appreciate all the beauty. In any case, you have to climb the mountain and spend a little energy on it, but the gorgeous view is worth it.


First you need to get to the St. Gellert ter station, and then walk a little more than a kilometer. The paths start from the bathhouse (you need to cross the road), and there are several paths. Tracks with steep inclines will allow you to reach your goal faster, but more strength will be required. You can choose the path a little easier, having spent some time bypassing the slopes.

Up to the mountain Gellert bus number 27 runs. It is easy to get to it by metro, reaching the Moritz Zsigmond Kerter station. You need to get off the bus at the Citadella stop, the journey will take only five minutes.


There is another option how to get to Mount Gellert in Budapest - go from the Elisabeth Bridge by buses number 110, 112, 108T and 8E. You need to get off at the Rudas stop, after which you need to walk for about 20 minutes. From of the bridge Freedom to the stop St. Gellert Ter runs bus number 7. The rise from this place will not take more than 10-15 minutes.

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Water tram

Perhaps the most interesting form of transport is the water tram. For tourists, this is an amazing mini-adventure, but the local population enjoys it all the time. There are several routes in the city, but tram number 11 will deliver from the Freedom Bridge, going to the St. Geller ter pier.


Several trams (numbers 19, 56 and 56A, 41) run from the Elizabeth Bridge to the Rudas Gyógyfürdő stop. The path from it to the mountain will also take 15 minutes.

By car

The Gellert Hill in Budapest has a parking lot and can be reached by car. Using the navigator, it is easy to plot a route to the very top to the Citadel. Parking is paid for by a parking meter, it should be noted that during the season it can be difficult. Many tourists prefer to leave their car in the neighboring streets in order not to pay.


In Budapest, it is easy to hail a taxi on the street, and the cost will be much lower than when ordering from the phone.

You need to choose a yellow car, which has "checkers" typical for taxis. The driver must warn about the tariff, as well as calculate the cost by the meter. Otherwise, you can use the services of scammers and pay an impressive amount for the trip.


While walking along the western bank of the Danube River, it is recommended to climb the mountain. This can also be done from the Freedom Bridge or Erzsebet. If you move at an average pace and do not stop, the journey will take only 15 minutes. However, it is better to spend about half an hour on a leisurely walk, and at least another 1,5-2 hours to explore the hill.

It is better to travel during the warm season. Walking in winter can be difficult due to icy steps.

Recommended route

Everyone decides on their own in what order to see the sights, but it is better to plan a route in advance. What to see on Gellert Hill in Budapest:

  • we start our route from the Cave Church
  • make a couple of stops at observation decks, from where you can take amazing pictures;
  • the third point is to choose the Statue of Liberty and a panoramic platform with a view of the capital;
  • then visit Citadel Budapest;
  • for relaxation, we choose a walk in the Philosophical Garden;
  • further the monument of the Hungarian capital to St. Gellert and a waterfall;
  • completes our journey with the Rudas Baths.
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Younger tourists will love the trailer parks. They have a lot of slides, swings and everything you need for fun.

Interesting sights

To choose the most interesting locations, you will have to learn more about each attraction. Gellert Mountain is famous for its observation and panoramic platforms, which are not missed by any tourist. Traveling with children, you should definitely go to the park, and it will not be superfluous to try the healing water near the Gellert hotel.

Rock Church and Bath

The cave of St. Stephen is named after a monk who in ancient times was engaged in healing people with the help of silt and thermal water.

The monument to King St. Stephen can be seen at the entrance to the church. Now these waters fill the baths in the rocky church on Gellert Hill. They will surprise you not only with a healing effect, but also with an interesting look.

Park for children

Gellert Hill Budapest will be interesting even for kids, because for them there is a beautiful park built on the site of former vineyards. There are many original sculptures, slides, swings and other places for active recreation. Parents during this time will be able to relax on the lawn or benches, enjoying the views.

Observation Decks on the Hill

You will be able to admire the beauty of the Hungarian capital from observation platforms, from which you can see different parts of the city. There are several of them, so it is better to visit everything to see Buda, Pest, the banks of the Danube. From the top of Gellert Mountain, Budapest seems to be in the palm of your hand, you can take several memorable pictures.

Statue of Liberty and panoramic platform

The Statue of Liberty in Budapest is visible from anywhere in the city, because it is located at the very top of Gellert Mountain. It was installed in 1947 and was previously called the Monument of Liberation from German Invaders in honor of the Soviet army. In addition, sculptures of Soviet soldiers were installed nearby, but they were transferred to Memento Park.

Special attention should be paid to the panoramic platform at the foot of the Statue, which offers a view of Pest. Here you can sit on a bench and relax after a long walk. Down there are steps leading to the Cave Church.

Citadel and Bunker Museum

Citadel in Budapest built in 1848, the place was not chosen in vain. From the hill there is excellent visibility, therefore, it was possible to shell the entire city if necessary. Just 19 years later, they wanted to demolish the fortress after leaving the Australian garrison, but the Hungarians stopped only at the destruction of the main entrance to the Citadel. For a long time, a bunker-museum hosted everyone on the territory, but due to increased attention it was closed. Nobody knows yet whether the museum will be reopened. Behind the fortress there is a huge park where you can have a good time on a hot day.

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Philosophical Garden

The sculptor Nandor Wagner spent 15 years creating a unique composition set in a park on a hill.

The photo shows that it is a platform where there are 8 sculptures. Among them are representatives of the main religions of the world and historical figures (Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ, Abraham, Buddha, Mohatma Gandhi, Akhenaten, Daruma and Francis of Assisi). The Philosophical Garden is considered a place for long thought and contemplation.

Sculpture the birth of Budapest

Having walked only 10-15 meters from the last place, one cannot fail to notice another composition. The sculpture depicts King Buda and Queen Pest, who stretch their arms to each other like a bridge over the Danube River. Interestingly, the banks of the king's side are just above the second part of the city.

Seeing this sculpture, many conclude that Budapest was formed from 2 cities, in fact, in 1983 there was a union of 3 cities - Buda, Obuda and Pest

Monument HolyMu Gellertu and the waterfall

As already mentioned, the name of the hill was given in honor of St. Gellert. A monument to him was erected at the very top of the mountain. You can get to it by steps, admiring the unspoiled nature and waterfalls. The photo of Mount Gellert in Budapest does not fully convey the atmosphere, so it is better to see everything with your own eyes.

You can walk around Budapest all day, admiring the historical buildings, beautiful streets and nature. Refusing to climb Gellert Mountain is a big mistake, because several attractions are located on it at once. Knowing how to get to Gellert Mountain in Budapest will help you find the most interesting route.