Marxburg Castle in Germany


Castles have been built in Europe since ancient times. They were used both as defensive structures and as residences of rulers (usually both at the same time). The heyday of castle building fell on the Middle Ages, the era of knights and numerous internecine wars. Now some castles have undergone modernization, while others have been destroyed. Only a small part of the castles can boast of their almost pristine appearance. Such historical monuments include the Marksburg Castle in Germany.

Marksburg Castle. Germany
Marksburg castle

It is a beautiful medieval castle located on a high hill in the middle Rhine region in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate in western Germany. It literally hangs over the city of Braubach.

Marksburg Castle. View from above
Top view of Marksburg Castle

Marksburg Castle on the map

  • Geographic coordinates of 50.271905, 7.649072.
  • Distance from the German capital Berlin is about 500 km.
  • The nearest airport is Frankfurt-Hahn, about 50 km away.
  • Address: 56338 Braubach, Germany

The first historical mention of the castle dates back to 1231. At the time, it served as a customs office and was known by the name of the nearby town of Braubach. But there is information that the first protective structures were erected here at the beginning of the 12th century (approximately in 1100). After 17 years, it was already a full-fledged castle, which was owned by the Eppstein family. By the end of the 13th century (more precisely in 1283), ownership passed to Count Eberhard II von Katzenellenbogen. He carried out the reconstruction of the castle, as a result of which clear signs of the Gothic style appeared in the architecture of the building.

By 1479, the Katzenellenbogen family was interrupted. It so happened that the only heiress of this family married Heinrich of Hesse. Thus, since then, the Hesse family began to own the castle.
At the end of the 17th century, during the war with France, many castles in these places were captured or destroyed by the French army, and only the Marksburg castle remained unconquered and, accordingly, retained its architecture to this day.

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At the beginning of the 19th century, the German Empire ceased to exist, and in 1803 Marxburg became part of the Duchy of Nassau. It was turned into a prison and a home for disabled soldiers.

coats of arms of the owners in the Marksburg Castle
Family coats of arms of the owners of Marksburg Castle

In 1900 the German Castle Society purchased this castle for one thousand gold marks.

It is noteworthy that such an interesting society was created just a year before the purchase of the castle. The goal of this organization was to preserve and protect the castles of the country. Since 1931, the headquarters of the Society has been located in Marksburg Castle.

In fact, the castle received its modern name only in the 15th century (before that it was known as Braubach). In 1437, a chapel was created on the territory of the castle, which was lit in honor of St. Mark. And after a while the castle became known as Marksburg.

Now Marksburg Castle is open to tourists every day. The castle has a museum and old living quarters, including a children's room, a master's bedroom, a hall and that very chapel. No less interesting are the kitchen with a wine press from 1767, the armory room, the wine cellar and, which is extremely necessary in any castle, the torture chamber.

Torture chamber at Marksburg castle
The torture chamber is the most needed and irreplaceable room in the castle

Cannons were used to protect the castle in the Middle Ages, and now you can see as many as 2 cannon batteries here.

Cannons at Marksburg Castle
Cannons of Marksburg Castle

In 2002, UNESCO inscribed Marksburg Castle as a World Heritage Site.

In Marksburg, guided tours lasting about 50 minutes and costing € 7 for adults and € 5 for children from 6 to 18 years old are organized. Children under 6 years old are admitted free. Discounts are usually available for group visits.
Do not forget to buy the "medieval" souvenirs that are offered in the souvenir shop.

Rules for visiting Marksburg Castle

  • Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited during the tour. But after it you will be offered different goodies at the local restaurant Marksburg Schanke (originally Marksburg Schanke). From April to November, you can take part in a medieval banquet with Gothic cuisine.
  • Photography is allowed, but video filming must be coordinated with the administration.
  • The use of portable aircraft (drones) is prohibited.
  • The administration of the castle warns that for people with disabilities there are difficulties in moving around the castle.
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Marksburg castle photos

Master bedroom at Marksburg Castle
Bed in the bedroom
Wine cellar at Marksburg castle
винный погреб

In the courtyard of the Marksburg castle

Marksburg Castle. Night view
Marksburg Castle. Night view

Marksburg Castle. Germany

surroundings of Marksburg Castle
View of the surroundings from Marksburg Castle