Green Alley in Paris


Claiming to be the most original park in Paris, the Promenade plantée (Coulée verte) garden fascinates with its originality and uniqueness. The thing is that it arose not so long ago on the site of a railway track, along which trains ply for a long time. In turn, a railway line was laid on the site of the viaduct.

Green alley in Paris 8

Quite quickly, the park, the name of which means "a walk with trees", turned into one of the favorite places for walks of Parisians and guests of the city. The efforts of the architect Philippe Mathieu and the landscape designer Jacques Vergeli have turned this part of Paris into a truly green paradise, where you can hide from the summer heat or pleasantly while away the autumn evenings surrounded by a colorful carpet of leaves.

A place for art

The Promenade Plante stretches for 4,5 kilometers: a kind of art space has been created under the arch of the viaduct, which is filled with various workshops and shops selling handmade goods: ceramics, glass products, as well as musical instruments and furniture.

Green alley in Paris 2

Therefore, you can not only spend your time in the garden with the benefit of your soul and body, but also purchase an original handicraft thing made by French craftsmen.

Panoramas of Paris

The park is divided into several parts, some of which offer a wonderful panoramic view of the city, while others are surrounded by tall buildings, both old and modern. One of the promenade paths leads through the building, creating the feeling that you are in a fairy-tale world, where even seemingly unlikely things turn into reality.

Green alley in Paris 7

Despite the fact that the park is small and you can walk through it in an hour, it will take more time for a thoughtful inspection and a pleasant walk, because here you can observe a harmonious combination of the active business life of Paris with the unhurried passage of time among green trees and secluded corners.

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Feel the riot of nature

The Plante promenade is divided into two parts: one is located on a ground boulevard and is intended not only for pedestrians, but also for those who want to ride bicycles or rollerblades here, the second is located on the viaduct. The zones are separated by an arched bridge and a tunnel.

Green Alley in Paris

No matter where you walk, you can always find solitude and peace, hide from the hustle and bustle of the city. The riot of nature, manifested by dense thickets of ivy, hundreds of bushes of roses, wisteria, lavender, acanthus, thickets of bamboo, grapes, maples, lindens and cherry trees, transport the guests of the park to the enchanting world of forest and harmony. Walking through the park, you have to pass through two railway tunnels, entwined with ivy and mysteriously inviting visitors to look deep into the interior.

Bersot effect in the Plante garden

The walking paths in the park are quite narrow, which helped to achieve in some parts of it the effect of berso - a French invention of the 17th century, suggesting that plants (in particular in the Plante Promenade from bamboo) growing and wrapping around an arch form a covered living gallery that looks great and turns into a highlight of the garden.

The taste and color ...

Another charming place in the garden is a regular flower garden, which is decorated with metal openwork columns and arches, all entwined with twisting roses. What is important: the creators of the park have selected varieties of roses in such a way as to ensure the longest possible alternate flowering of these beautiful plants. But in the spring, all the attention of the guests switches to the brightly flowering forsythia shrubs and dense tree plantations.

Green alley in Paris 6

The canal has become the axis of the park, on both sides of which are growing breathtakingly smelling lindens during flowering, and neat twigs of lavender bushes leaned towards the smooth surface of the water.

Green alley in Paris 4

Of course, not the entire park offers a riot of colors: there are corners in it where you can rest your eyes on the calm greenery of trees and shrubs with a textured crown, indulge in reflections on life or just dream.

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Solitude in the big city

The popularity of the Promenade Plante Park is explained not only by its originality and bright colors, but also by the opportunity, albeit for a short time, but to take a break from the constant movement of a lively city that has won the hearts of millions of people who come back here again and again to breathe the air filled with romance and touch the beauty!

Getting there

Address: 69 Rue de Lyon, Paris 75012
Metro: Bastille