Königssee - the cleanest lake in Germany


Lakes in the mountains are an amazing combination of water surface and high mountains. Such places always attract a person. Lake Ritsa alone in Abkhazia is worth something. Or Canadian Moraine Lake in the Valley of Ten Peaks. To have such a sight at your disposal is the pride of any country. Germany has such a unique reservoir.

Koenigssee. Bavaria

Elongated from north to south, the most beautiful mountain lake Königssee (German. Konigssee) is located in the southeastern part of the federal state of Bavaria, just five kilometers from the border with Switzerland. If you look at the map, you can see that the lake is located in the center of a kind of appendicitis, which forms the border with a neighboring country.

Lake Königssee on the map

  • Geographic coordinates of 47.555942, 12.976875.
  • Distance from the German capital Berlin is about 550 km.
  • Distance to the nearest airport Munich is approximately 130 km.
  • You can use the airport of the Swiss Salzburg, located 30 km away.
  • Address:

Lake Königssee is one of the most famous sights of the alpine mountains in Germany and is part of the Berchtesgaden National Park. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit these places every year.

Königssee - mountain lake in Germany

The name of the lake is originally written as K? Nigssee and means "King's Lake". In Russian it sounds Königsse. But due to the complexity of the German language, in different sources you can also find such a translation of the name as Königssee. But we will use Königssee, since this name is located on Google maps and is most likely more correct.
The lake was formed in the late Ice Age as a result of melting ice and has quite a decent size.

Lake Königssee in numbers

  • Length - 7195 meters.
  • The maximum width is 1225 meters.
  • Water surface area - 5,22 km2.
  • Height above sea level - 603 meters.
  • The length of the coast is 20 km.
  • The average depth is 98 meters.
  • The maximum depth is 190 meters.
  • The volume of water is estimated at about 0,51 km2.
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The lake is famous not only for its beauty and amazingly clear water, for which it is called "the cleanest and most transparent lake in Germany." It was also Hitler's favorite place. Yes, the same one that destroyed tens of millions of innocent inhabitants of the planet in the 40s of the last century. In the vicinity of the lake, his residence, known as the "Eagle's Nest", has been preserved. It is built on the top of the Kehlstein mountain, 1834 meters high. The house was erected at the direction of Martin Bormann for the Fuhrer's birthday.

In order to preserve the natural charm and pristine nature of the lake, since 1909 the government of the country took it under the protection. Since then, only boats and boats with electric motors or oars have been allowed to sail on the lake.

Boats on Lake Königssee

On the eastern side of the lake is Mount Watzmann - one of the highest mountains in Germany (height 2713 meters). There is even a legend about her that in ancient times Bavaria was ruled by a bloodthirsty and cruel king named Watzmann. He was so fierce and merciless that God punished and turned both himself and his entire family into a high mountain.

Mountains around Lake Königssee

Lake Königssee is accessible to tourists all year round. In summer, it is swimming and fishing. In winter, a wide space for snow and ice entertainment opens up: sledges and skis, skates, snowboards and even curling. The wonderful mountain air, mineral springs and mild climate have a healing effect on the human body. So to combine business with pleasure here it will turn out as well as possible.

Interesting facts about lake Königssee

  • The location of the lake has amazing acoustics. Here a unique and unrepeatable multiple echo is formed. Usually pleasure boats during the excursion try to stop and blow their horns to give the stunned tourists the opportunity to feel the local echo.
  • The lake is surrounded by incredibly beautiful places that attract artists here. Therefore, it is sometimes also called the "artist's corner".
  • This attraction has another interesting attraction - this is the Hunting Castle, built in the 18th century. And that is not all. On the territory of the castle there is an ice chapel that never melts, even in summer.
  • The territory of the national park is inhabited by rare species of animals and plants, such as, for example, beautiful blue edelweiss.
  • Despite the fact that the lake is located on the territory of the reserve, fishing is allowed in it. Trout and char are found here.
  • Thanks to the preservation of the lake by the state, the shores of the reservoir are practically not built up with hotels and other tourist facilities (there is only a hotel and several fish restaurants). Therefore, the surroundings are in their original form and it is impossible to get around, let alone go around the lake. But if you walk around the local park, you can easily meet wild deer.
  • On the western shore, approximately in the central part of the lake, near the water is the Church of St. Bartholomew, who is considered the patron saint of the lake. The church dates from the 12th century. Red domes on the church were installed in the 15th century. Sometimes the lake is named after this saint.
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Church of St. Bartholomew

  • In the vicinity of the northern part of the lake there is a bobsleigh track. It hosts competitions of the International Bobsleigh Federation.
  • There is only one island on the lake, famous for the fact that in 1711 a monument to John of Nepomuk was erected on it. This is a Czech Catholic priest, canonized. It is believed that he protects the lake and its surroundings. The statue, 1,8 meters high, is made of marble and mounted on a 2-meter pedestal.
  • In the vicinity of the lake, there used to be a branch of the Dachau concentration camp.

Lake Königssee photo

the cleanest in Germany

Lake Königssee. View from above

Ducks on Lake Königssee

Königssee lake and clouds

Lake Königssee. Bavaria

Lake Königssee. Germany