Pont des Invalides in Paris


The Pont des Invalides is located among the two bridges of Paris - Pont Alexandre 3 and Pont Alma. The bridge is a four-arch structure, two arches of which reach 34 meters, and two more - 36 meters. The project of the first bridge was developed in 1824-1825 by engineer Navier.

Initially, the bridge was supposed to be suspended, lying on the axis of the Invalides esplanade, but the project was not brought to execution. In 1828, the construction of a bridge was started according to a different project.

A year later, the bridge was opened, and in 1854 the bridge was destroyed.

By 1855, when the Paris World's Fair was taking place, the decision was made to reconstruct the bridges. The Invalides Bridge was also included in the list of bridges.

The sculpture that can be seen on the central pillar of the bridge symbolizes Napoleon's victory both on land and at sea. Other sculpted heads on the rest of the pillars symbolize war trophies.

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