Ponte Fabricio Bridge in Rome


The Fabricho Bridge - Ponte Fabricio - is the oldest surviving bridge in Rome, including the most unchanged for the entire period of operation. The bridge was built in 62 BC. This fact is confirmed by the inscription on the bridge structure.

The Fabrizio stone bridge connects the left bank of the Tiber River in Rome with the island of Tiberina, directly opposite Chestio Bridge. 5 arched spans were used in the construction of the bridge, three of which are much smaller than the two main ones. Regarding such a construction, there is a legend about four architects who were in a terrible quarrel because of their views on the final version of the construction, and who cut off their heads after the end of their work because of their public discord.

Although this bridge is indeed the oldest of the bridges in Rome, in its place there was another bridge made of wood, which burned down and it was in connection with the fire that the stone bridge existing today is built.

Work schedule

The bridge is available for inspection around the clock.

How to get to the Fabricio Bridge

The most convenient way to get to the Fabricio bridge from Termini station is by bus, No. 170,85, which run every 10 minutes during the daytime, travel time is about 15 minutes, you need to go to the Foro Olitorio stop, you will have to walk a little from the stop. By taxi, the journey will take about 6-7 minutes.

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