Monuments to the Three Dumas in Paris


Many people from childhood are familiar with the novel "The Three Musketeers". But not everyone knows that Alexandre Dumas is not alone, there are three of them, and they are all outstanding personalities. A small Parisian square, named after the French General Catroux, houses three monuments dedicated to the world famous representatives of the Dumas family. These are monuments to the grandfather Tom-Alexander Dumas, the father of Alexander Dumas and the son, also Alexander Dumas.

Monument to the father of Alexandre Dumas

The first thing that a traveler, leaving the Malserbes metro station, will fix his gaze on is the perky d'Artagnan, sitting at the feet of his creator with a sword in his hand. It is with this hero that the acquaintance with Dumas begins.

Dumas-father - the creator of the above and many other works, even during his lifetime, invented a monument for himself, which was brought to life under the close attention of Dumas-son. The monument is the last creation of the famous Gustave Dore.

Monument to Alexandru Dumas stands on this square because the writer lived and worked very close. By the way, Dumas-son also settled nearby and often visited this square after his father's death.

Monument to Tom-Alexander Dumas

The first Dumas is known for his gallant exploits in battles under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte. In the life of the general there were wars, conspiracies, confrontations, they repeatedly tried to kill and poison him. Some episodes from the hero's life were included in the works of his son and grandson.

The monument to General Dumas looks like a five-meter shackle weighing several tons and symbolizes the liberation movement in the history of France.

Monument to the son of Alexander Dumas

In 1906, the third monument to Dumas was erected here as well.

That is why, unofficially, the Place de la Quatru is called the Place des three Dumas.

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Getting there

Address: Place du Général-Catroux, Paris 75017
Metro: Malesherbes
Bus: Place du Général Catroux