Monument to Georges Clemenceau in Paris


Between the Champs Elysees and Petit Palais, on the Place Clemenceau in Paris, there is a monument to the great French historical and political personality - Georges Clemenceau (Statue de Georges Clemenceau). The sculpture of a man who has twice served as prime minister is hidden under the shade of trees in the depths of the park.

Monument to a politician in Paris

A lot is dedicated to the memory of this man in France - streets, squares and even lyceums. But the main tribute to respect and love is a monument to a politician. Here he is a tall, stately, striding commander. The sculpture was created by a creator named François Cognier in 1932, i.e. already 3 years after the death of Clemenceau.

The figure of Georges, completely cast in bronze, stands on a high stone cliff; the politician himself is dressed in a military overcoat, boots, and a helmet, although he did not wear such clothes during his lifetime. His gaze is directed far ahead, his leg is raised in step. Next to the monument is a slab with the inscription: "Clemenceau 1841-1929"

Location of the sculpture

This place is located almost in the very center of the French capital and is a popular tourist attraction. The square on which the monument is erected is called Piazza Clemenceau, in honor of the politician himself. The location of the monument is no coincidence - once the politician really lived there. The former exhibition pavilion of the Small Palace is also located nearby.

Here they found their places of reverence monuments to Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle, who are close to the Frenchman in spirit, life and political views. It is impossible even to imagine a company better for a person who made the phrase “I am waging a war!” In the credo of his life.

About the life of the great Frenchman

Georges Clemenceau had a fearless disposition, for which the French fell in love with him. He helped defend the country's honor in the battles of the First World War. The French politician was extremely opposed to the working class going to the front, while the ministers remained in the rear. Anyone who refused to serve or tried to hide, he mercilessly dismissed. His skillful policy allowed the country not to break down under the onslaught of enemy Germany. For this, Clemenceau received a well-deserved nickname - Father of Victory.

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It is interesting that he comes from a family of hereditary doctors, he studied this business for a long time and even worked by profession, but in France he will forever be remembered as a strong leader and fearless leader.

Getting there

Address: 1 Place Clemenceau, Paris 75008
Metro: Champs-Élysées - Clemenceau