Monument to Marcel Aime in Paris


This monument to Marcel Ayme (Monument a l 'ecrivain Marcel Ayme) is one of the inconspicuous attractions that can be found in any major city. It is not a place of pilgrimage, tourists do not come for it and do not book excursions, but walking along the quiet streets of Montmartre, you can unexpectedly meet him and, like an old friend, shake his bronze hand.

In 1989, the famous actor Jean Mare (who turned out to be a very talented sculptor) created in memory of his friend the writer Marcel Aimé a 2,5-meter-high bronze sculpture, which depicts the main character of his famous story "The Man Walking Through the Wall". The sculpture has the recognizable features of a writer who left behind a considerable artistic legacy. Marcel Aimé has lived for over 40 years on the Rue de Montmartre Paul Feval. As if he is coming out of the wall right to the entrance of his own house. In the image of a man, the writer and the ambiguous character of his story are combined.

According to the plot of a short story, an ordinary modest official, accountant Leon Dutilel once discovered in himself a magical, but quite practical gift to walk through walls. Taking an unexpected opportunity, he used it to secretly visit his beloved, whom the jealous husband kept locked up. But somehow the magic ran out when Dutilel almost went out into the street - this moment was captured by the sculptor.

From a stone wall in the smallest square in Paris, Place Marcel-Ayme, protrude the head, upper body of the unfortunate accountant, right arm, leg and the famous left hand, which, according to legend, grants any desire if you rub it. Judging by the golden sheen of the sculpture's left hand, there are many who want to experience its magical power. However, not all passers-by reveal their secret desires to a loving accountant, who knows if you can trust him at all?

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Finding the statue is very easy. It is located at the intersection of Place Marcel-Ayme and Rue Norvins, 17. If you walk from the Lamarc-Caulaincourt metro station due south along Saint-Vincent, which smoothly into Rue Girardon, then turning left onto Rue Norvins, you can immediately see bronze accountant. Another way is to move from the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur (Basilique du Sacre Cur) in a northerly direction. Having passed many small streets, you will certainly come to the Marcel-Ayme square.

Getting there

Address: 4 Pl. Marcel Ayme, Paris 75018
Metro: Lamarck - Caulaincourt