Andre Citroen Park in Paris


André Citroën Park (Parc André Citroën) was created on the territory of a former industrial area of ​​​​14 hectares on the left bank of the Seine in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. The leading architects and designers of French landscape art took part in the development and implementation of the project: A. Provost, J. Clement and P. Berger. The park has been open to the public since 1992.

Volumetric-spatial composition of the park

The main idea of ​​space organization is based on a combination of four principles of modern design art. Throughout the park, they are used in pairs: Movement and Nature indirectly influencing Architecture and Art, in synthesis create a unique landscape ensemble of the park.

Andre Citroen Park

Symmetrically from the main entrance are the Black and White Gardens, which together form the harmonious quarters of the Gardens of Art. According to the idea of ​​the author of the project J. Clement, they oppose each other in color and personify light and shadow. Under the arches of two large greenhouses, about 15 m high, there is a real Mediterranean garden with palm and orange trees.

There is a little green space in the White Garden, but there are extensive grounds for outdoor games and attractions. One of the entertainments in this part of the park can be climbing in a giant hot air balloon 22 m in diameter. Having settled comfortably in a tethered balloon gondola, vacationers soar for several minutes over the park at an altitude of 150 m and enjoy the unusual panorama of Paris.

Andre Citroen Park2

The black garden is designed as a labyrinth and is surrounded by walls. Its central square is lined with black marble, and conifers with dense green crowns form the basis of its color palette. This part of the park is decorated with large and small fountains, and the Acoustic Garden is also located here. On both sides it is limited by high walls, and streams of water cascade down the opposite stepped slopes, which creates the effect of the proximity of the sea.

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Andre Citroen Park4

The central space of the André Citroën Park is occupied by a spacious parterre lawn, along the perimeter of which there are numerous themed mini-gardens and cool grottoes on the canal embankment. The main territory of the park in the southeast is occupied by the Garden of Metamorphoses. According to the idea of ​​its creator A. Provo, it demonstrates the interpenetration of elements of architecture and nature through a combination of tree crowns, futuristic metal sculptures and jets of fountains.

Serial mini-gardens

The northeastern part of the park was created according to the project of the designer of park art J. Clement. It is based on a philosophical and ecological concept. The Garden in Movement and several serial gardens are laid out on an area covering several hectares.

Serial gardens, separated by artificial canals, form a charming ensemble of landscape architecture. Each of them is associated with numerous associations with some day of the week, metal, color or planet and symbolizes one of the feelings. Their names reflected the colors of the plants prevailing in each mini-garden.

Andre Citroen Park5

The Silvery Garden has become the symbol of Monday, silver and the Moon. On its borders, white concrete walls have been erected, emphasizing the beauty of the crowns of sheared yews. The leaves of wormwood, chisel and sucker with a shade of silver are associated with the flow of river water, the channel of which is decorated with a scattering of gravel.

The planet of warriors Mars, iron and Tuesday, as conceived by the designers, are associated with the Red Garden. The prevailing colors here cheer up and demonstrate the power of vitality. He will charm those who are brave, persistent and emotional. From the top terrace of the garden offers a gorgeous view of a small picturesque waterfall. There are many plants with edible fruits, as the garden is dedicated to taste. Tulips, carnations, poppies and other plants with bright colors are planted among decorative stones.

The orange garden is symbolically associated with the environment, Mercury and mercury. It is associated with touch, therefore, great importance is attached here to plants with different leaf textures: wrinkled and rough, prickly and smooth glossy. The energy of joy is conveyed by apricot and coral shades of flowers of chrysanthemums, lilies and primroses.

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Andre Citroen Park6

In the Green Garden, people who are inclined to creativity, accuracy and pedantry find solitude. This corner amazes with the variety of shades of green: marsh and olive, salad and emerald. Among the plants planted here are ferns, euphorbia, horned goat weed and badn. The garden is associated with such a sense organ as hearing, saturated with the symbolism of tin, Jupiter and is dedicated to Thursday,

The blue garden is dedicated to Friday and the planet Venus. A huge number of spicy plants grow on its territory, so it symbolizes the sense of smell. Wisterias, clematis, and ilomey wind through copper pipes. The water flowing through them seeps through small holes and drops into the pool, thereby symbolizing rain.

At first glance, the Garden in Motion resembles an ordinary wasteland: the active cultural intervention of man as a transformer of nature is minimized here. Its defining principle is “do no harm!”, so the plants in this corner are given almost complete freedom. It grows the most typical European flowers and plants, including dandelions, clover, cornflowers and cereals. A few exceptions include bamboo, mosses and ferns. In the general scheme of this part of the park, the Garden in Motion is associated with the day of rest - Saturday.

Andre Citroen Park7

Gold, Sun and Sunday symbolize the Golden Garden. Woody and herbaceous plants are planted in its flower beds, the foliage of which, thanks to its golden hue, even on a cloudy day, creates the illusion of a stream of sunlight. This is one of the best places for meetings and leisurely conversations in the park, symbolizes the sixth semi-mystical sense ̶ intuition.

Every corner of the Andre Citroen Park has its own peculiar atmosphere that allows you to get away from everyday worries, so any visitor to the park can always find a place here to relax according to his mood.

Getting there

Address: 2 Rue Cauchy, Paris 75015.
Metro: Lourmel, Javel - André Citroën.
RER Train: Pont du Garigliano, Javel.
Run time: 8:00-17:45

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