Park Belleville (Parc de Belleville) in Paris


Is it possible to find a quiet corner in Paris, where there are no many tourists and from where a delightful panorama of the city of love opens up? Belleville Park (Parc de Belleville) is the most cozy place that attracts with its beauty and seclusion. Located on a high hill far from the center of the capital, immersed in greenery and flowers, the park gives visitors the opportunity to relax in the bosom of nature and breathe fresh air. Fidgety kids will especially appreciate the unique playground. On it, children can not only actively move, but also develop their imagination and dexterity. And how beautiful is the view of Paris at sunset!

Parc Belleville in Paris is a great vacation spot for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as for parents with children. The park is located on a hill and is considered the highest point in Paris. From here, a stunning view of the famous city opens up. And although the size of this park is small, thanks to its features, it has earned the love of many Parisians and guests of the capital.

Belleville Park is literally buried in greenery: more than 1000 trees and shrubs grow here, it even has its own vineyard. In September, a competition for the best flower bed is held in the park. As soon as local florists show their taste and imagination!

Visitors to Belleville can take a leisurely stroll along the shady alleys, admire the 100-meter cascade of waterfalls and listen to the quiet murmur of the water. Parisians love to have picnics here on the green grass. There are no noisy crowds of tourists in the park, as it is far from popular excursion routes. Everyone can find peace and solitude here.

The Museum "House of Air" on the territory of the park presents interesting exhibits that encourage people to think about protecting the environment. Museum workers regularly measure the level of air pollution in the park. Paris, like most of the world's megalopolises, cannot boast of clean city air. But due to the fact that Belleville Park is located on a high hill and there is a lot of vegetation, the air in it is much cleaner.

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An unusual playground has been built in Belleville Park. Its design was carried out by the well-known company "Bays", which specializes in landscape architecture. The designers of this company interviewed several thousand children and adults and took into account their wishes in their work.

The playground has several levels and sections located at different angles of inclination. To an adult visitor of the park, it may seem rather dull: gray boards, some kind of projections, chaotically placed pipes and wooden beams. But children really enjoy this opportunity to develop their imaginations. Playing on the playground, kids can imagine themselves as sea pirates on the deck of a ship, climbers conquering mountain peaks, astronauts in the cockpit of a spaceship, heroes of an adventure film, etc.

Such outdoor games help children develop dexterity, promote good mood and well-being. Therefore, you should definitely come to Belleville Park with your family and get a boost of vivacity for the whole day.

Visitors to Belleville Park are happy to spend their time here. They enjoy natural beauty, views of Paris, peace and quiet.

Getting there

Address: 47 Rue des Couronnes, Paris 75020
Metro: Pyrenees
Run time: 8:00-21:30