Parc de Choisy in Paris


The Parc de Choisy, laid out by the architect Crevel E. in 1937, is unique. It is in the style of an 18th century French formal garden. The park is home to the brick building of the Eastman Dental Institute. Tourists are attracted by the symmetry of the park and harmony with the local nature. The park has a collection of various species of trees, including rare ones, laid out according to an interesting idea. The Parc des Choisy is famous for its round porphyry table that greets every visitor at the entrance. For tourists and visitors, conditions for a good rest are provided.

History of the park

Parc de Choisy is one of the classic southern parks of France, officially formed in 1937. It is located in the thirteenth Paris district, in Chinatown.

According to some reports, the history of the Parc de Choisy is longer than is commonly believed. There is information that it was broken back in 1687 around the Choisy Palace. However, they were not destined to last long: the revolution of the 18th century that broke out soon and the laying of the local railway destroyed both the palace and the nearby park. After some time, a gas plant appeared on the territory of the Parc de Choisy.
It is on the territory of this gas plant that the modern Parc de Choisy was created, where there are many beautiful, calm, picturesque streets. The designer and architect of the park is Crevel Eduard.

A large area of ​​the park is designed in the format of a French formal garden of the 18th century, the key features of which are symmetry and order, combined with the natural beauty of nature. On one side of the park you can see the brick building of the Eastman Institute. At the entrance to the park, visitors are greeted by a round table made of volcanic porphyry. France acquired this table from Finland in 1937 at the Paris exposition.

Parc de Choisy is a rectangle between two alleys with large decorative pools and fountains; in the center is decorated with a wide esplanade. On one and the other side of the esplanade there are recreation areas and playgrounds. Here you can organize a picnic, play table tennis, basketball and checkers, go ice skating, as well as visit the Guignol open-air theater.

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The greening of the park is represented by many flower beds and a collection of different trees. Here you can see black locusts, Japanese sophora, pterocaria, chestnut, crying beech, ash, ginkgo biloba, linden and others. Trees are planted perpendicularly, in the form of a cross, in a remote area near the Eastman Institute.

Parc de Choisy, as a place in France, is immortalized in fiction. Weber Pierre wrote the Fanfan-Tulip book in the genre of historical adventures, where this French park is mentioned when describing the place of development of the storyline.

Parc de Choisy attracts locals and tourists because it provides comfortable conditions for a complete and varied vacation.

Getting there

Address: Parc de Choisy, Paris 75013
Metro: Tolbiac, Olympiades
Bus: Parc de Choisy, Choisy - Tolbiac, Lycée Claude Monet
Run time: 8:00-17:45