Georges Brassens Park in Paris


If the traveler is tired of exploring the many sights of Paris, then the best way to get some refreshment is to visit the city park and relax in the lap of nature. Park Georges-Brassens will be appreciated by both adults and children. Shady alleys, a quiet pond, pacifying landscapes - there is everything here to relax your body and soul. And for children there are playgrounds, a carousel, a puppet theater and even a vineyard and a real apiary. Thanks to the unique features of the Georges Brassens Park, walks through it will become another unforgettable experience of the city of love and romance.

Parc Georges Brassens

The Georges Brassens Park is located in a quiet area of ​​Paris, in the 15th arrondissement. It was opened in 1984, 3 years after the death of Georges Brassens, the famous Parisian poet, composer and author of songs. Georges Brassens lived very close to the place where the park, named after him, was laid out.

At the central entrance to the park from the side of Rue Morillon, there are two images of bulls, which serve as a reminder of the past of this area. There was once a slaughterhouse and a meat market here. Now the park is surrounded by greenery and fragrant with delicate aromas of flowers.

In the center of the park there is a pond, at the very shore of which a chapel is built and weeping willows grow. Coniferous and deciduous trees are planted behind the chapel in the style of an English park. A stream flows nearby. Walking along the shady alleys, it is easy to imagine yourself in a real forest.

The Georges Brassens Park is famous for its rose garden and the "Garden of Aromas", where a large number of medicinal plants and aromatic spices grow. Near each bush there are signs on which the names of the species are indicated even in Braille for the blind.

Park visitors like to take pictures near the sculptural composition in the form of a donkey pulling a cart. There is also a bust of Georges Brassens in the park. Connoisseurs of the talent of the French singer can visit his museum at the entrance to the park and even listen to recordings of songs performed by him.

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The designers of Georges Brassens' park tried to meet the needs of children. A playground has been arranged for them, a real puppet theater, developing a stone slide-labyrinth.

The French consider it important for their children to acquire practical knowledge about things that are usually not available to city dwellers. In the park, children tend to the vineyard and collect its fruits. Wine made from local grapes can be enjoyed at a nearby café. In addition, there is an apiary on the territory of the park, where Parisian schoolchildren observe the life of bees. Every year there is a sale of honey collected by bees from the flowers of the park.

The Georges Brassens Park is a wonderful vacation spot for the whole family, where everyone can have a good time. It is especially beautiful in spring, when lilacs bloom, or in autumn, when the trees "sparkle" with gold.

Getting there

Address: 2 Place Jacques Marette, Paris 75015
Phone: +33 1 55 76 75 15
Metro: Convention
Tram: Georges Brassens, Brancion
Run time: 8:00-21:30