Kellermann Park in Paris


Park Kellermann (Parc Kellermann) is one of the oldest parks in France. It was named after François-Christophe Kellermann, a French marshal. A peculiarity of the park is that it is divided into two parts, differing from each other in style - one of them is made in a modern style, and the second is in the spirit of promenades from the times of Napoleon.
The park is popular with tourists and locals alike for its picturesque views and landscapes.

Park Kellermann is located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, in the bed of the river Bivert, a tributary of the Seine, which was dried up at the beginning of the 20th century. From 1937 to 1950, work was underway on this territory - initially there were exhibition pavilions, but then, due to its special landscape, the place attracted the attention of the architect Jacques Graeber. He created a unique design for the park, which combined elements of France in the 19th and 20th centuries.

One part of it would be decorated with sculptures of modern art, while the lower part would become a picturesque promenade. The idea was carried out, but in the 1960s the park fell into disrepair, and its restoration was started only in the 1980s. Now this place is considered a cultural heritage of Paris.

Due to the unique landscape, the territory was divided into different natural zones, in which trees, shrubs and flowers grow, characteristic of a particular climate. The variety of flora makes the park a favorite place for photo shoots. Charm is added by sculptures, colonnades and fountains that adorn all its areas. Closer to the center of the park is a small lake where ducks, swans and herons live. They have completely ceased to be afraid of people, you can get very close to them and feed the birds.

The well-tended gardens deserve special attention. They are filled with plants and flowers that are rare for France, so even Parisians are perceived as a curiosity. There are often landscape painting classes for visitors to the park.

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Kellermann is famous not only for its natural wealth, but also for the abundance of playgrounds and sports grounds where residents can play sports for free. Here, competitions in team games are held, where both children and adults take part. The park also houses a fitness complex that is popular with the park's regulars. During the warmer months, its employees often arrange master classes and outdoor workouts, where anyone can come.

Getting there

Address: 19 Rue de la Poterne des Peupliers, Paris 75013
Metro: Porte d'italie
Bus: Poterne des Peupliers, Verdun