Rousseau Park (Jardins du Ruisseau) in Paris


The picturesque and not quite ordinary Rousseau park (Jardins du Ruisseau) was created thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of the inhabitants of the surrounding areas on the territory of the former railways of the Lesser Transport Ring of Paris in the north of the capital.

Taking care of nature

In 2018, residents of District 18 celebrated the 20th anniversary of the park with a variety of recreational activities. The beginning of its creation was laid in 1998 by caring Parisians who wanted to turn the transport line in the area of ​​the Porte de Clignacour station into a comfortable and environmentally friendly recreation area.

The Rousseau Garden is the result of a creative approach to the remediation of former industrial areas. In the implementation of the Jardins du Ruisseau project, the concerned residents of the area and the Paris City Hall took part. It took 6 years to complete the first stage of the park's creation, and in 2004 it was officially opened.

The restoration of the ecological system and biodiversity of the nature of the urban area was one of the main goals of the members of the specially created association Les amis des Jardins du Ruisseau. A rainwater irrigation system has been developed to support the shrubs and trees planted in the park, and renewable energy is used to illuminate and heat the pavilion.

The Rousseau garden, in addition to the traditional forms of leisure for green areas, offers its regular visitors the opportunity to practice gardening and grow vegetables and fruits on their own. In 2010, a small apiary of five beehives was also created in the park and a poultry farm was opened.

Not boring leisure

The multifunctional hall of the Rousseau park Essaim was erected under the bridge by the architecture to air agency. During its construction, the existing structures were used to the fullest extent - the roof of the hall is the canvas of the bridge.

Light and bright building built entirely of wood. On its first level there is an outdoor terrace for dancing and fitness, an office, a bar and a training room. The second floor occupies a hall with an area of ​​70 m2used for educational projects, film screenings, and temporary exhibitions. There are conditions for yoga and various types of fitness. During autumn weekends, visitors to the park can watch performances by the Abeille au singulie theater by Nadine Berland and Michel Kidou.

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Education of schoolchildren, adults and cognitive leisure in an entertaining form are one of the priorities of the Russo Garden. From May to September, throughout the warm season, the open-air library of Robert Sabatier works in the garden with a wide selection of literature on art, history and works of art.

Festive rainbow

The strengthening of social ties between different ethnic groups, historical, cultural and environmental education is facilitated by several festivals held on the territory of Russo. In early June 2018, the Clignancourt danse sur les rails dance festival was held here for the first time. Its main platform was the dance floor over the railroad tracks with an area of ​​100 m2. Its task is to promote choreographic creativity and support modern trends in dance culture.

In mid-September, the Garden of Rousseau and Antonio Corbino invites everyone to the annual children's festival Pépites Club. Within its framework, contests and master classes in folk crafts, fine arts and music are held.

The Rousseau Garden is also one of nine festival venues for the Ciné-Jardins documentary festival, which takes place in Paris in the open air at the end of summer. In autumn, the garden also takes part in the city-wide festival Jardin des Délices. During this time, you can visit the pottery workshop, concerts and performances, taste honey from the garden apiary and gastronomic delicacies of Khmer, Moroccan, Ethiopian cuisine.

Getting there

Address: 110bis Rue du Ruisseau, Paris 75018
Metro: Porte de Clignancourt
Bus: Porte de Clignancourt
Run time: 9:00-22:00