Park Saint-Périne (Parc Sainte-Périne) in Paris


Between Avenue Versailles and Rue Mirabeau, among the hills, is the largest park in the 19th district of Paris, Saint-Périne (Parc Sainte-Périne). Of all its vast expanse of 59 thousand m2 Near the river, an area of ​​about 40 m is open for free access2.

Years of history

Parc Saint-Périn is one of the oldest in Paris. Information about him was preserved in documents of the 11th century. For almost 800 years it belonged to the Abbey of Saint-Genevieve, but after the revolutionary events of the late 18th century. The park has become a national treasure. However, its territory by no means became a public park, but became a place for grazing cows and horses.

After the restoration of the monarchy, the Countess d'Aubusson became the owner of the land, who presented it in 1858 to the Aid Society. Soon, the Sainte-Périne de Chaillot hospital was built among the park, which owned the park until 1977. Since 1865, it has also housed the Chardon-Lagache veterans' home and the Rossini Foundation. The city authorities planned to create a children's park in it, but the practical implementation of the ideas was not fully implemented.

Early 21st century was marked in the history of the park by a long scandal. In 2006, the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, took the initiative to reduce the size of the park and build social housing and office blocks on its former territory. This proposal caused a storm of indignation among local residents and members of the Bird Protection League.

According to the proposed project, construction was planned to begin in the most wooded part of the park and would lead to the destruction of 80% of the trees. By the summer of 2006, opponents of the construction got the authorities to abandon these plans and preserve the green spaces.

Wonders of nature

In 2018, the territory of the Saint-Perin Park was reconstructed with the improvement of the alleys. Dozens of young trees were planted in it and energy-saving lamps were installed.

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Walking along the paths of the park, it is quite possible to get acquainted with the flora of distant corners of the planet. Among the numerous plane trees, lime trees and ash trees, there are ginkgo biloba, Virginia tulip tree, Japanese sophora and Far Eastern mulberry. Evodia with fragrant leaves, several types of persimmons, plum trees, black cherries and eretia with pleasantly smelling white flowers also grow here.

Saint-Perin Park is fabulously beautiful in the autumn season. The foliage of its trees and shrubs is painted in various shades of golden color with bright splashes of orange and scarlet elm and mulberry leaves. Dahlias, azaleas and irises grow in abundance on the lawns of the park in figured flower beds.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the park, there is a park's playground with exercise equipment, sandpits and attractions. A football field is ideal for active sports games, and the esplanade with green benches in an ecological style is a great place to relax. You can continue it with friends or family at any of the picnic areas in the shade of trees or under the gentle rays of the sun.

Getting there

Address: Parc Sainte-Périne, Paris 75016
Metro: Chardon - Lagache
Bus: Chardon-Lagache / Molitor, Victorien Sardou, Wilhem