Parc Floral de Paris in Paris


The Parc Floral de Paris is a paradise green island in Paris. You cannot go there twice and see the same thing, as soon as some flowers finish blooming, others bloom, the design of individual gardens changes.

This is a place to contemplate the beauty of nature. A place where it will be interesting for children (in playgrounds built for different ages, the Butterfly Garden), outdoor enthusiasts (there are table tennis tables, volleyball courts, tennis courts and much more) and even music fans (annual jazz festivals ).

Description Parc Floral de Paris

The Floral de Paris park is one of the four parts of the Parisian botanical garden, located in Bois de Vincennes... The park was created in 1969 on the occasion of the third international exhibition in Paris and is spread over 31 hectares.

The Floral Park was considered as an amusement park and as a Botanical Garden. At guests' service: a large outdoor concert venue, a restaurant and cafe, large and small exhibition halls, an art gallery, a large playground and a miniature railway, a library. Also in the park are works by contemporary sculptors Alexander Calder, Alicia Peñalba and other artists housed in different gardens around the park.

Visitors arriving from Vincennes château walk through a forest of cedars and oaks to reach the centerpiece of the composition, the Valley of Fleur or the Valley of Flowers. The varieties of flowers in the Valley of Flowers change every year, in accordance with the chosen theme. The valley is bordered by a lake called the Water Mirror, located near the center of the park, with a modern fountain and a series of cascades on one side. There are small ponds dedicated to lilies, lotuses and other aquatic plants. The large open-air concert hall Delta rises above the lake.

Small themed gardens are scattered throughout the park. For example, there is a garden with different varieties of azaleas; a large garden where rhododendrons grow, a fern garden; gardens of irises and dahlias, garden and pavilion for medicinal plants and culinary herbs; a garden with cacti; a garden of plants from the Mediterranean; a large pavilion for displaying Japanese bonsai trees.

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One of the most popular places in the park is the Valley of Flowers or the Garden of the Four Seasons. Here, from early spring to late autumn, some flowers are replaced by others. In the Valley of Flowers there is a covered stage, lawns are located like an amphitheater, and all this is decorated with flower beds with fresh flowers.

The Butterfly Garden is open all year round. This pavilion presents all the butterflies living in this region (about 30 species). Here you can not only observe butterflies, but also get to know them better: insects often land on visitors, and besides, you can make out in detail their life cycle.

The Paris Botanical Garden was created not only for the aesthetic pleasure of the townspeople. Scientific work is in full swing here, and one of the main tasks today is the supply of seedlings for landscaping the city. Regular excursions are organized for preschool and school children.

Parc Floral is a favorite vacation spot for Parisians, which will be interesting for both adults and children.

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Getting there

Address: Route de la Pyramide, Paris 75012.
Phone: + 33 1 49 57 25 50.
Metro: Chateau de Vincennes.
RER Train: Fontenay-sous-Bois.
Run time: 9: 30-17: 00.