Parliament in Budapest


Парламент в Будапеште стал поистине шедевральным архитектурным сооружением конца 19 века. Это самое большое строение страны, ставшее настоящей визитной карточкой столицы. Ни одна поездка в Будапешт не обходится без экскурсии в парламент, хотя бы обзорной. Это не случайно, тут действительно есть на что посмотреть, как снаружи, так и внутри: почти 700 помещений, 29 лестниц и 10 двориков. А о внешних красотах можно судить хотя бы взглянув на фотографии: неспроста здание венгерского парламента изображено на каждой второй сувенирной продукции.

History of creation

Construction of the parliament building in Budapest began in 1885 and lasted almost 20 years, although the ideas were still in the 1840s. The chief architect was Imre Steindl, who won a selection competition for designs. Other architects also contributed to the construction of the structure and nearby buildings.

Для строительства был выбран восточный берег Дуная. По задумке Штейндля, здание располагалось так, чтобы им можно было любоваться со всех четырех сторон. Многие эксперты отмечают, что венгерский парламент в Будапеште очень схож с Вестминстерским дворцом в Лондоне. Этому способствует общие черты неоготика, присущие строениям.

Architecture features

The imposing parliament building in Budapest is 268 meters long and 123 meters wide and covers a total area of ​​18 square meters. The entire structure is entirely made by Hungarians using only Hungarian materials to show the power of the local craftsmen.

Externally, the building has many signs of a neo-Gothic style:

  • spiked roof spiers;
  • elongated structures;
  • stained glass;
  • stucco molding;
  • battlements.

These and other features refer us to medieval Gothic castles. But the presence of a massive dome as a central element testifies to the style eclecticism. On the facades, there are more than 90 different sculptures depicting prominent figures, rulers, as well as the coats of arms of the Hungarian territories. On a guided tour of the Budapest Parliament, you will also see many statues and monuments in front of the building.

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The interior is particularly luxurious. Only for finishing work more than 23 kg of gold was spent and 30 000 cubic meters of carved jewelry was made. And the red carpet in the building has a total length of about 3 km.

Dome Hall

The main part of the parliament in Hungary is considered to be the Dome Hall. This is a huge room 20 meters in diameter, and the height of the dome itself reaches 27 meters. It is magnificently decorated in a medieval manner, gilding, stained glass and mosaics sparkle everywhere.

The hall is decorated with 16 statues of the rulers of Hungary and Transylvania, executed in great detail and with great skill. Since the 2000 of the year, the center of the Dome Hall has kept monarchical regalia in the form of the crown of St. Stephen, a scepter, a sword and a power. You can get acquainted with the history of each regalia in detail by signing up for a group or individual tour. Every hour there appears an honor guard for 20 minutes - two people dressed in special uniforms. The remaining royal regalia remained in storage at the National Museum.

On both sides of the Dome Hall are the meeting rooms of the legislature. Previously, it was bicameral, because two rooms were allotted. Today it is located in one room, and the second is used as a conference room.


One of the most famous sights of Hungary - the building of the Hungarian Parliament - is included in all sightseeing tours around the capital, and in different languages. For domestic tourists who came to see the Parliament in Budapest, a tour in Russian is held twice a day every day: at 12.30 and 15.15, its duration is about an hour. You will be introduced not only to the external architectural features of the building, but also to the interior design, the location of the premises and the general plan of the Budapest Parliament, the opening hours of which for visiting tourists are determined from 9.45 to 16.00.

It is better to book a trip to the Hungarian Parliament and an excursion in Russian in advance, since the number of places is limited. According to the numerous tips of tourists, on the official website of the legislative body you can find out about the schedule of excursions, the number of free tickets, you can book and pay for a ticket in electronic form. This is very convenient, since it removes the need to stand in line at the checkout and the risk of being left without a ticket at all.

During plenary meetings, visiting the residence for tourists is limited. Information about work, possible excursions and schedule changes is displayed on the official website in advance.


From April 1 to October 31, daily: 8: 00-18: 00.
From November 1 to March 31, daily: 8: 00-16: 00.
Parliament does not work on public holidays.

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Visiting rules

In the building of the Hungarian Parliament of Budapest, it is prohibited:

  1. Disturb public order, scream, listen to music.
  2. To carry weapons, explosive objects.
  3. To bring food, drinks, including alcoholic, to smoke.
  4. Touch museum exhibits.
  5. Sitting or lying on the interior.
  6. To bring attributes and symbols of other states.
  7. Come with animals (except for a guide dog for the blind).
  8. To take or photograph the Dome Hall and security control points.

For those visiting Budapest, the parliamentary tour should be carried out in appropriate attire, preferably in a neutral or classic style.

Getting there


For those who visit Budapest for the first time, the Palace of Parliament and the way to it will not be a big obstacle. There are several ways to get here:

  • tram route No.2;
  • trolleybus routes No. 70, 78;
  • bus route No. 12;
  • metro M2.

On any of the listed modes of transport you need to get off at the Kossuth Lajos tér stop. A taxi or car rental is always available, where you can get from the airport in about 40 minutes.

The overwhelming majority of eyewitnesses note that it is imperative to take a photo of the Budapest parliament in the evening. Well-lit with illumination, the building is reflected in the dark waters of the Danube and creates a picture of indescribable beauty.

It is worth coming here even for the sake of one evening panorama. Therefore, plan your vacation so that you are sure to get to Kossuth Square in the evening.