The flame of freedom in Paris


The Flame of Freedom is a gift from America in 1:5 scale. Paris is known for its sights. One of them is the Alma Bridge, 150 meters long, which was built across the Seine River in 1856 during the reign of Napoleon III. This name of the bridge is associated with the victory of the French troops over the Russian army during the Crimean War in 1854. In the century before last, the bridge was decorated with figures of an arrow, soldiers of various regiments. Now only one Zouave remains, as the bridge was reconstructed and expanded.

In 1886, the French gave the Americans the Statue of Liberty, which is located in New York. Since then, Americans have long thanked them for their generous gift. One has only to remember a reduced copy of the Statue of Liberty on a scale of 1: 5.

In 1887, the well-known newspaper International Herald Tribune, which celebrated its centenary, decided to hold a campaign on its pages and thus raise funds for the construction of a new monument in the city. She successfully succeeded.

In 1989, the mayor was Jacques Chirac, who took the honor to unveil a monument called the "Flame of Freedom". The essence of the monument is the embodiment of friendship between the United States of America and France. It is located at the entrance to the Alma Bridge.

Now in Paris there is already a new torch with gilding and illumination from the outside. The old one was transparent and illuminated from the inside. He is currently located on Liberty Island in New York, in the Museum of the Statue of Liberty.

On August 31, 1997, sad events took place on the Alma Bridge, which plunged the whole world into mourning. Princess Diana and Al-Fayeda died under this bridge due to the fault of their drunk driver. The Parisians were very worried about this occasion and grieved. The municipal authorities more than once tore off photos of Princess Diana from the Flame of Freedom, all kinds of inscriptions that people left. At one time, there was even an idea to rename the square after the princess. But the authorities faced a protest from the clergy and everything remained the same.

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The Flame of Freedom is a whole story of friendship between the two greatest countries that have passed many eras and have retained their primacy on the world stage.

Address: 1 Place de l'Alma, 75008 Paris, France