Place d'Italie in Paris


Place d'Italie is the heart of the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the intersection of a variety of routes. Locals and tourists alike are unanimous in the opinion that this area is the most peaceful and business-like; suitable both for life and for comfortable rest, including with children.

There are practically no significant sights and historical sites in Piazza Italia, but this does not mean that there is nothing to do there. First of all, you should pay attention to the local architecture and monuments. On the territory of the Italian square, there are many unusual metal structures - these are the works of the modern Japanese artist Tango.

Cinema "Gomon"

Locals are passionate about cinema culture and actively support French cinema. That is why the city has a wide variety of cinemas, and they are always filled with visitors.

Cinema "Gaumont" is the most popular in Paris for its ultra-modern spacious halls and huge projectors, which have no equal on the whole continent. The glass facade of the modern and beautiful building is decorated with huge posters of those films that can be watched right now.

Shopping complex Italie Deux

Italie Deux or Italy 2 is a huge, amazing shopping complex that is wildly popular with both locals and tourists. And all because inside it there are more than 130 boutiques of famous brands, from budget to luxury, as well as cafes, cinemas, offices and a nightclub.

Perhaps, in this shopping center you can buy anything you want, from technology to decorative items. At the same time, it is quite spacious, but not in the season of discounts, when pleasant shopping can turn into a real nightmare.

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What else to see in Piazza Italia

Place d'Italie is full of aesthetic and atmospheric coffee houses where you can order a classic French breakfast, lunch or dinner, take a table by the window and watch the life of the city in a relaxed manner. And there, by the way, you get great photos for Instagram.

There are also many shops where you can find not only banal magnets, but also really interesting souvenirs that are nice to buy for yourself and your loved ones as a gift from a trip.

There are as many as three metro lines running through Piazza Italia, so after walking along it, you can go anywhere else.

Getting there

Address: Place d'Italie, Paris 75013
Metro: Place d'Italie
Bus: Place d'Italie