Place de Clichy in Paris


Clichy Square (La place de Clichy) is located on the southern slope of the Montmartre hill at the point of contact of the borders of the 8th, 9th, 17th and 18th districts of Paris, surrounded by the quarters of Europe, Grand Carriers, Saint-Georges and Batignolles.

History and location

Place de Clichy arose on the site of the building of the Clichy outpost, which was demolished in 1860, located at the Wall of General Payers and intended to collect duties on goods brought to Paris. This is one of the few metropolitan areas with a very heterogeneous building style. The lack of a single architectural ensemble makes it look more like a busy intersection than a city square.

The square is located at the intersection of Boulevard de Clichy, Avenue Clichy, Rue Clichy, Boulevard des Batignolles and Rue d'Amsterdam street. In plan, it is an irregular quadrangle with sides about 60-70 m long.

In 2008-2010, a lot of work was carried out on the reconstruction of the square, as a result of which the planting of trees was renewed, a pedestrian zone was created and bicycle paths were laid.

Monument to the Militia and Marshal M. de Moncy

The main event, thanks to which the Place de Clichy is well known outside France, took place in 1814, even before its creation. This year, when the overthrow of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was already very close, Russian troops were moving from the northern outskirts of Paris to the center of the capital.

Defense of the city in the area Montmartre and outposts Clichy headed by a veteran of the Napoleonic wars, Marshal M. de Moncy and Colonel JB. K. Odio. In the ranks of the defenders of the city, in addition to the guards and soldiers of the regular army, there were several hundred volunteers from among the students of the Polytechnic School who did not have combat experience. Nevertheless, this did not prevent successfully resisting the superior forces of the enemy and maintaining their positions at the Clichy outpost until the armistice was concluded.

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In memory of this feat of the defenders of the city in 1870, a monument was erected in the center of the square, which is a six-meter bronze sculptural composition on a pedestal 8 m high.Marshal M. de Moncy is depicted with a naked saber and covering a tall female figure symbolizing Paris. Behind her, the figure of a militiaman falling near the gun is visible.

On the round pedestal of the monument there are three bas-reliefs depicting the events of the Napoleonic Wars. The authors of this monument are the architect Guillaume and the sculptor A. Doulemar.

Recreation and Entertainment

On the Place de Clichy is a large cinema complex Pathé-Wepler (Le Pathé-Wepler), owned by EuroPalaces. Initially, when it opened in 1956, it consisted of only two halls, and today it is a 14-hall multiplex, the largest screen in which has dimensions of 15,5 m wide and 6,5 m high.

The houses surrounding the square house many bistros, cafes and restaurants with an assortment of food and drinks to suit all tastes. The menu of the Léon de Bruxelles restaurant offers Belgian cuisine, Italian pizza will be offered at the Tablapizza pizzeria, fruit desserts can be tasted at the Le paradis du fruit cafe, and all kinds of cocktails at the Hippopotamus bar.

In the evening and at night, life in the area of ​​Place de Clichy takes on new colors. A lot of nightclubs like Le 3 club Paris or Le Titan Club are concentrated here, offering various show programs or just the opportunity to spend an evening at your leisure. At this time of day, the area lives up to its reputation as a thriving sex industry, so it is not at all suitable for underage entertainment.

In June 2017, the open-air music festival Sunny Heaven was held on Place de Clichy for the 6th time. Its program featured DJs and bands performing music in Afro-Caribbean rhythms.

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Getting there

Address: Place de Clichy, Paris 75018
Metro: Place de Clichy