Saint Michel Square in Paris


Place Saint-Michel is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Paris. It is located between the fifth and sixth arrondissements in the famous Latin Quarter. Tourists are attracted here by both the rich history of this area and the large number of shops and souvenir stalls.

History of the Place Saint-Michel

Place Saint-Michel got its name in honor of the Archangel Michael, who is one of the most revered archangels in many religions. Its creation began between 1840-1860, that is, in the second half of the 119th century. Unfortunately, quite a few of the old streets of Saint-Severin were destroyed during construction.

Initially, the street on which the square is located was called Sevastopol Boulevard-Right Bank, and only on February 26, 1867 it was renamed into the already well-known Boulevard Saint-Michel, according to the name of the bridge located on it.

Place Saint-Michel - history

The first part of the boulevard, on which the square is located, was built on August 11, 1855, thanks to the reconstruction work initiated by Baron Osman. However, the work was completed only on July 30, 1859.

Attractions Saint-Michel

Fountain Saint-Michel

Tourists are annually attracted by the sights located on the Place Saint-Michel and not far from it. The most memorable, of course, is the Saint-Michel Fountain, depicting the Archangel Michael trampling on the devil-serpent. The serrations on his sword represent flames, and the four statues on top are the symbols of virtue: "Justice", "Prudence", "Temperance" and "Power". The memorial plaque says that the fountain was built during the reign of Napoleon III.

Fountain Saint-Michel

Cinema Saint-Michel

The famous cinema of the same name is located on the Place Saint-Michel. He is known for the fact that there, in 1988, the premiere of the film "The Last Temptation of Christ" directed by Martin Scorsese took place.

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Boulevard Saint-Michel

The boulevard of the same name originates from the Place Saint-Michel, which is a favorite place for tourists and couples in love. It is 1380 meters long and 30 meters wide. There are a huge number of shops for clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, comics and books, as well as restaurants and cinemas.

Boulevard Saint-Michel

Sorbon Institute

Not far from the square is the Sorbon Institute. It was founded in 1253 by the spiritual mentor of King Louis IX Sorbon. The main attraction of the Sorbonne is that there is the tomb of Cardinal Armand du Plessis Richelieu, who for a long time was rector at the Sorbonne Institute.

Sorbonne Institute

Church of Saint-Severen

If you turn left from the square, you can get to the church of Saint-Severin, built in the 13th century. Lovers of the Gothic style will appreciate the dispensary, which is located inside the building.

Church of Saint-Severen

Cluny Museum

Further along the boulevard Saint-Michel is Cluny Museum, which hosts exhibitions dedicated to the art of the Middle Ages. Here, visitors can enjoy authentic sculptures from various cathedrals, as well as antique pottery and furniture.

Cluny Museum

Palace of Justice

From the boulevard Saint-Michel, the main facade of the Palace of Justice is separated only by a wrought-iron lattice. The main facade of the building was made by the famous architect of the late 18th century Antoine. Previously, the palace was the residence of the kings, but since 1358, after the tragic events that happened to King Charles V, he passed into the possession of the Paris Parliament. Opposite the Palace of Justice there is a tower where during the reign of Charles the Wise in 1370 the city clock was placed. Tourists may notice that the dial of this watch is decorated with white lilies, which are a symbol of royalty. On both sides of the tower there are bas-reliefs depicting "Law" and "Order".

Palace of Justice

How to get to Saint-Michel

Tourists can get to Place Saint-Michel by getting off at the desired metro station - "Saint-Michel". Those who want to stroll through the streets of Paris can walk to the square or boulevard from Notre Dame Cathedral.

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In addition, you can use the RER transport system - the express network of the Ile-de-France regions. This system has five main lines. Line B runs from the southwest of the city to the northeast, and just passes through the area where the boulevard and the Place Saint-Michel are located.