Battle of Stalingrad (Place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad) in Paris


The Square of the Battle of Stalingrad (Place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad) is located at the junction of the borders of the 10th and 19th districts of Paris near the quarters of La Villette (Le quartier de la Villette) and Hopital-Saint-Louis (Le quartier de l'Hôpital-Saint- Louis).

History and location

The Rond-point de la Villette square was formed in January 1789 by a special order of the Paris Financial Administration in front of the La Villette customs post. In July 1945, it was renamed the Place de Stalingrad, and before it was given its current name in 1993, it had this name. For a long time it housed one of the Parisian bus stations.

Since 1988, the square with the fountain and the La Villette rotunda in the central part has been declared a pedestrian zone. In the course of reconstruction work, the portico of the rotunda, which had been lost during the construction of the metro, was restored by the project of the architect B. Huet, the Boulevard de la Villette was shifted under the elevated railway overpass, the territory of the square was fenced off with a forged fence.

In 2006, on the square of the Battle of Stalingrad, work was carried out with the restoration of green spaces, improved lighting, landscaping of the passages to the banks of the canal Saint-Martin and the pond of Basin de la Villette (Le bassin de la Villette). The western part of the Battle of Stalingrad Square is a traditional meeting place for Parisians with an unreliable reputation, therefore, when visiting it, you must be careful and vigilant.

The center of the Battle of Stalingrad Square is located near the intersection of Avenue Secrétan and Avenue Jean-Jaurès. You can drive to it along the boulevard Villette crossing it or along the street La Fayette (Rue La Fayette). Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin and the Quai de la Seine and Quai de la Loire of the artificial lake Basin da la Villette also lead to the square.

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Square Attractions

The fountain with a rectangular basin-basin was designed by the sculptor and architect J. Janclos in 1988. It consists of an inclined fan fountain in the central circle and 5 pairs of symmetrically located "geysers". The fountain is located in front of the main attraction of the square - the rotunda La Villette (la rotonde de La Villette). It was built in 1784-1788 according to the project of the architect J.N. Ledoux and was intended for one of the Paris customs outposts of the tax-farmers' wall.

The architecture of ancient Greece and the work of the Italian Renaissance architect A. Palladio served as a model for the construction of the "Parisian Propylae". The first floor of the building is square, each side of which is decorated with a portico with a classical Doric colonnade, a massive entablature and a triangular pediment. The second floor is round, with arches supported by 40 Doric columns installed along the entire perimeter. The building is crowned with a Doric cornice with alternating metopes and triglyphs.

In the rotunda La Villette, in addition to the French cuisine restaurant, there is a small art gallery of contemporary art and a conference room for lectures and seminars. Behind the rotunda and the square, planted with silvery lime trees, is the gateway of the largest artificial reservoir in Paris, the Basin de la Villette reservoir.

An artificial lake connects the canal de l'Ourcq and Saint Martin. The Basin de la Villette is 70 m wide with a length of 800 m and an average depth of 2,4 m.Since 2015, it has been hosting an open water swimming competition in which the country's leading athletes take part.

Getting there

Address: Place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad, Paris 75019
Metro: Stalingrad, Jaures