Tertre Square in Paris


Place du Tertre, also known under the unofficial name of the Place des Hill, is often called the heart of Montmartre. This is one of the most visited attractions in Paris, located on the top of a flat, low hill.

Historical review

The square between the streets of Norvins and Rue de Mont-Cenis was created in 1772, but remained unnamed for several decades. It received its modern name in 1830. It has the shape of a rectangle with side dimensions 359 m long and 212 m wide.

In 1871, Place du Tertre was at the center of important historical events. In March of this year, the future French Prime Minister J. Clemonceau tried to reconcile the disaffected workers with the new Thiers government and prevent the bloody events of the Paris Commune.

Landmarks and memorable places

The houses surrounding the square were mostly built in the 18th century. in the same architectural style. One of them houses one of the oldest restaurants in Paris, At Mother Catherine (A la Mère Catherine), which opened back in 1793. According to legend, the origin of the name of the cafe-bistro is connected with it. In 1814, when Paris was occupied by Russian troops, Cossacks often visited this restaurant and, not wanting to wait a long time for an order, urged the cooks and waiters with the word “Quickly!”.

Not far from the square is also the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (La basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre). This temple in the eclectic Roman-Byzantine style was built almost 50 years from 1875 to 1923. Up to 11 million people visit it every year, and in terms of the number of tourists and pilgrims, the basilica is second only to Notre Dame Cathedral. A little to the west of the Basilica is one of the oldest churches in Paris, the Church of St. Peter (L'église Saint-Pierre de Montmartre), the beginning of the construction of which in the Romanesque architectural style dates back to the 12th century.

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Free art territory

Its main feature is that for many decades it has served as an unusual open-air exhibition gallery for artists who boldly experiment in painting. Tertre Square gained a reputation as a center of contemporary art more than 100 years ago, when P. Picasso and M. Utrillo lived in houses nearby. One of the sights of the square is a cartoon written by the cartoonist F. Pulbo in the early 20th century. on the wall of one of the houses there is a small picture depicting pissing boys.

A significant part of Place Tertre is divided into 149 plots of 1 m2, each of which is rented out to two artists during the day. The right to post creative works is granted by a special license, the receipt of which is limited by several conditions. They can also exhibit their works in the Montmartre art gallery located on the western side of the square.

Since 2005, in mid-August, the Tertre Square international arts festival has been held, which is attended not only by artists, but also masters of decorative and applied arts, poets, designers and street musicians.

Getting there

Address: Place du Tertre, Paris 75018.
Metro: Abbesses.
Bus: Place du Tertre - Norvins.