Emil Shotemps Square in Paris


One of the many Parisian squares, Place Émile Chautemps is located near the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

History episodes

The decision to create the square was made during the great urban planning transformations of Baron Haussmann in 1858. Work, which required the demolition of several houses, began in August this year.

On the territory prepared by the architect Andre David, a place was also provided for the creation of a small square in the regular French style. Dimensions of the area between the newly built
Sevastopol Boulevard, Saint-Martin, Solomon de Kos and Papin streets amounted to 4,1 thousand m2.

The new square was first given the name Arts and Crafts during the Second Empire because of its proximity to the Conservatory. The modern version of the name in honor of the doctor of medicine, senator and minister Emile Schotemps (1850-1918) has been assigned to her since 1930.

Recreation and Entertainment

On the Emile Shotemps Square, a varied recreation area has been created for the entertainment of citizens of any age. A graceful fence and abundant greenery provide a pleasant atmosphere and a relaxing mood. There is a playground with simple, attractive dexterity-developing rides, table tennis tables and an outdoor bowling alley.

Two swimming pools constantly filled with water create the coolness desired on a hot summer afternoon. Sitting comfortably on a bench near any of them, or in the shade of chestnuts, it is pleasant to use wi-fi and spend a lot of time plunging into the depths of the Internet. Moreover, it is absolutely not forbidden to sit on the lawns of the square at the end of the week in the company of friends and acquaintances at a picnic.

Memorable places

Emile Schotemps Square is notable for several monuments located in the middle of its square. The first sculptures installed near the southern oval basin were created by August Ottin. The sculptor depicted the ancient god Mercury and Music in his own way.

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His colleague Charles Goumery sculpted a symbolic composition for the square and square, the figures of which in allegorical form depict Agriculture and Industry. It was installed almost simultaneously with the first statues, but is located by the south basin. The appearance of these two groups of sculptures is by no means accidental and visually illustrates the original name of the square.

A little later, the Jura Column became another attraction of the square. It was installed in the central part of the square in honor of the victories of the French army during the Crimean War in 1854-1855. The names of the battles at Alma, Inkerman, the Black River and near Sevastopol are forever inscribed in the stone base of the column on each side.

In 1987, a new monument created by the sculptor Kosta Spurdos was unveiled on Emil Shotemps Square. They became the bust of the French engineer and entrepreneur Marc Seguin (1786-1875), one of the first to design a suspension bridge. His gaze is directed towards the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, one of whose tasks has always been the popularization of technical knowledge.

Getting there

Address: 263 Rue Saint-Martin, Paris 75003.
Metro: Réaumur - Sébastopol.
Bus: Réaumur - Sébastopol.