Garden Aclimatation (Le Jardin d'Acclimatation) in Paris


You don't have to go to Disneyland to keep your kids entertained. You can and go to the amusement and training park - Aclimatation (Le Jardin d'Acclimatation). It will be interesting for both toddlers from the age of three and older children…. even adults will not be left without entertainment! Exciting rides will leave an unforgettable experience. In short, a great place for families with children in Paris. Recommended!

Acclimatation Park owes its appearance to the coincidence of interests of politicians and scientists. Emperor of France Napoleon III wanted to see in his capital a new extensive entertainment garden in the English style corresponding to the trends of the times. During the unfolding in the middle of the 19th century. cardinal reconstruction of Paris, he instructed the Prefect of the Seine J. E. Haussmann to translate his wishes into reality.

At the same time, the prominent zoologist J. J. Saint-Hilaire, founder of the Imperial Society for Acclimatization, was concerned about the lack of space for keeping animals in the menagerie of the Botanical Garden Museum. In 1858, the Society received a piece of land for its own purposes in the Bois de Boulogne. Among the 3 supporters of the project was Empress Eugenie de Montijo,

With the support of the emperor, the area of ​​the land plot was increased and amounted to 20 hectares. The development of the project and its implementation was entrusted to the architect G. Davout, engineer Zh-Sh. Alfan and agronomist Zh-P. Barille-Deschamps. 15 months after the start of work, on October 6, 1860, the emperor and his wife, in the presence of honorary guests J. Offenbach, P. Mérimée, G. Berlioz, A. Dumas and T. Gaultier, opened the Aclimatation Garden.

A considerable number of years that have passed since the opening of the park have changed its appearance, but it still remains one of the best places for family outdoor recreation.

Attractions in the park

The real adventure begins on the way to Aclimatation Park, long before visitors cross its borders.

Little Train (Le Petit Train)

You can get to the park from Port Mayo in a very unusual way: on a miniature train of several wagons. The two stations are connected by a small line of narrow-gauge railway with a length of 1,6 km. For the first time such a composition appeared in 1878. At that time, the trip started from Place de l'Etoile, and instead of a locomotive, a team of four horses was used.

Now, although its locomotive looks like an old steam locomotive, in reality the power plant on it has long been replaced by an electric motor powered by 60 batteries, so it does not harm the environment.

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Aclimatation Garden

There are new playgrounds with swings near the entrance to the park near the train station. While the children are having fun, their parents can take a break in the comfortable sun loungers and wait for friends or spend time with them at one of the special picnic areas.

It is not at all necessary to start your acquaintance with the park with a walk, as you can use other "transport" as well. Three days a week, for a small fee, pony rides along the park's alleys are organized for schoolchildren. You can find horses at the llama enclosure. Those who seek to experience more unusual sensations can start exploring the park on horseback on camels, donkeys or on a boat.

Enchanted River (La Riviere Enchantee)

The Enchanted River has been a popular attraction since 1927. You can go sailing for about 5 minutes on a 4- or 6-seater boat. The banks of the winding river, 872 m long and 60 cm deep, are densely overgrown with thickets of reeds, weeping willows and magnolia, the branches of which often close overhead and form a green tunnel.

Aclimatation Garden2

Among the dense foliage, it is sometimes possible to see life-size models of wild animals. An artificial current, which is created by a turbine rotating from an electric motor, helps to move forward along the river.

Forest Adventures (Les Aventures Forestieres)

One of the newest attractions is designed for young visitors to the park. It is a complex of structures made of wood and rope structures, on which kids from 6 to 12 years old can imagine themselves as real adventurers or inhabitants of exotic forest wilds.

Aclimatation Garden3

It includes a strong web-like climbing network, a slide, a Nepalese rope bridge, a tunnel and other various obstacles.

 Carousel Village (Le Village des Maneges)

The amusement zone is also located in the central part of the park. Here you can get behind the wheel of a car, a fire engine or the steering wheel of an airplane, take off on a magic carpet or experience an enchanting sensation on a roller coaster. There are slot machines and a traditional carousel with wooden horses nearby.

Aclimatation Garden11

Visitors to the park are happy to observe incredible and funny transformations of their appearance in another entertainment area - on the area with crooked mirrors Les Miroirs Deformants.

Protected corners

Acclimatation Park was originally created as a green recreation area and a place to keep animals that were supposed to acclimatize in Europe. Therefore, it would be quite natural to visit its most intimate green corners and see the animals and birds contained there.

Deer rock (Le Rocher aux Daims)

The artificial concrete rock is surrounded by plantings of black pine and red oak trees. The spacious enclosure contains Indian gazelles, miniature Senegalese goats, chamois, sheep, angora goats and, of course, the deer family.

Aclimatation Garden5

After the reconstruction in 2011, the territory of the enclosure was doubled, and the visitors got a convenient opportunity to observe the animals.

Large aviary (La Grande Voliere)

This part of the park was created back in 1860 at the direction of Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie. Behind the walls of the ivy-covered, wire-roofed enclosure, about 200 species of birds are kept. Peacocks, pheasants, geese, ducks and black swans freely roam its territory. Among the inhabitants are numerous species of exotic parrots: blue macaws, Amazons and budgerigars.

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Empress Belvedere (Le Belvedere de l'Imperatrice)

The garden, located on a hill near Neuilly, was designed by F. Delo. The meadows and copses of this part of the park reproduce the typical landscape of the French province on an area of ​​1 hectare: poplars, aspens, maples, fir and ash trees, many types of shrubs are planted here.

Seoul Garden (Le Jardin de Seoul)

One and a half million people who annually visit the Aklimatation Park discover this corner of the "country of morning freshness", which appeared thanks to the initiative of the Korean diaspora in Paris in 2002.

Aclimatation Garden12

After 10 years, landscape architects from South Korea have transformed it again. On an area of ​​5 thousand m2 there were new plantings of pine and bamboo, fences made of light-transmitting materials with decorative ornaments symbolizing fertility and happiness. The huge Paradis entrance gate and the Jugujeong and Woldae pavilions were also reconstructed.

Park buildings and pavilions

For more than 150 years of the history of the park, many interesting buildings have been erected on its territory. Some of them appeared here from the first years of its existence, while others were built quite recently.

Le Grande Verriere

One of the oldest buildings in the park has acquired its original appearance in recent years. It was built according to the project of G. Davout and very well fits into the surrounding landscape, on the creation of which the architect J._P worked. Barille Deschamps.

Aclimatation Garden7

This magical glass pavilion with its lacy metal decorations can hold up to 200 people. At any time of the year, a wide variety of business events and entertainment shows and parties are held in its hall or on the side terrace.

Theater du Jardin d'Acclimatation

An amazing and unusually attractive building, reminiscent of an oriental pagoda with its architecture. Its semi-circular spacious hall, the walls of which are lined with red wooden panels, often becomes a venue for conferences, festive shows or performances.

Puppet theater Guignol (Le Theater de Guignol)

The auditorium of the beautiful building of the puppet theater comfortably accommodates 200 people. The building of the middle of the 19th century, built in the style of "Venetian Gothic", was restored according to the project of the architect J. F. Bodin.

Aclimatation Garden8

The interior of the hall uses decorative figures of centaurs and original lighting. The decoration of the theater was a large gilded chandelier. After the restoration, the theater received modern technical equipment for the stage.

Tea House (La Maison de The)

The building was built at the suggestion of Empress Eugénie in 1860. It has the authentic sophisticated atmosphere of a Beijing tea house and is ideal for romantic get-togethers or informal business meetings.

Korean Pavilion (Le Jardin pour vous)

The airy building of openwork structures captivates with its poetry and brings romantic dreams. Under its arches, almost in the open air, many of the most prestigious events in the park are held.

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Manor of Kiso (La Maison de Kiso)

The new concept of the Acclimatation Park defines the task not only to acquaint Parisians with the flora and fauna of remote corners of the earth, but also to give them an idea of ​​the culture of everyday life in various countries in the recent past. House of a Japanese peasant, late 19th century from the vicinity of Nagano, one of the first examples of the implementation of these plans.

Walking along the alleys of the park, you can find more than one interesting building, whether it be the light summer stage Kiosque a Musique or the charming Winter Palace Le Palais d'Hiver.

Educational programs, courses and seminars

The two-story building of the educational center La Maison des Ateliers with decorative decorations of the facade in the style of the Second Empire was built in the middle of the 19th century. It is located near the main entrance to the park and all 9 of its premises are used as classrooms or workshops in educational programs for children and adults.

Aclimatation Garden10

For children over 3 years old, there is a great opportunity to understand the world of science, art, nature and show their creative inclinations in many areas:

  • in the culinary workshop, little confectioners are busy mastering macaroons, madeleines or gingerbread, which can be eaten right there or taken away;
  • in the theater class, they study the basics of pantomime and stage movement;
  • in the perfume class, children from 4 years old are taught to compose unusual fragrances for perfumes from 24 ingredients;
  • at the Abracadabra seminar, children are taught how to become a real magician and impress adults with their tricks with objects;
  • in gardening classes, children will discover the secrets of growing various flowers, vegetables and fruits: they will learn how to take care of plants, and upon completion of training, everyone can take one of the plants in a flower pot as a gift home;
  • at a music school, children from the age of 4 will have to learn songs and dance no worse than the heroes of West Side history and become the new F. Astaire or S. Charris.
  • The choice of young visitors to the park is given the opportunity to attend other courses or seminars where you can learn the basics of circus art, painting, sculpture, Chinese calligraphy, experiment in a scientific laboratory or try yourself in agriculture at the Norman farm La Petite Ferme Normande, the apiary Le Rucher Pedagogique or Le Potager orchard.

Aclimatation Garden9

For adult visitors to the park, the Zumba dance school (Atelier adulte Zumba) is open, where you can master the basics of choreography to the musical rhythms of Latin, reggae, salsa, hip-hop or house. Equestrian center (Le Center Equestre) is ready to accept all visitors of the park over 4 years old. The proximity of the Bois de Boulogne made it possible to organize several horse trails with a length of 17 km. The school also has two sites for show jumping, dressage or other disciplines.

Ticket prices

Entrance is paid separately, like all attractions. You can buy carne - sets of tickets that will save you money.

Getting there

Address: Bois de Boulogne, Paris 75116
Phone: +33 1 40 67 90 85
Metro: The Sablon
RER Train: Neuilly - Porte Maillot
Run time: 10:00-18:00