Atlantic Garden in Paris


In 1994, the Atlantic Garden (Jardin atlantique) added to the collection of Paris attractions. It is located on the roof of the Montparnasse station, at an altitude of eighteen meters. Subject of the project: vacation on the ocean coast, vacation in exotic corners of the world.

Rest for all tastes

A vast area of ​​three and a half hectares is divided for convenience into several zones in which conditions are created for both active and more relaxing pastime.

For fans of outdoor activities there are tennis courts, ping-pong tables, horizontal bars. A special area is dedicated to children.

The “marine” sector was made by garden designers Francois Brun and Michel Pen in blue-white-violet tones, with wavy surfaces of benches and wooden flooring, as on the deck of a ship. Perennial flowers and shrubs in the same range of shades imitate the expanse of the ocean. On two beaches, pebble and sand, you can take sunbathing.

The concept of the park, proposed by designers, provides for two types of layout. Therefore, the green zone is divided into two parts. Western, with clear lines, perfect lawns and trimmed bushes, replicates the classic French park of the Baroque era. The landscape of the eastern part is closer to the natural one and imitates the English park: uneven terrain, lush vegetation, mysterious labyrinths and thematic corners.

Trees, shrubs and flowers are selected so that it is green at any time of the year. Plants are harmoniously distributed in the garden also in accordance with their height - from low-growing cereals to tall pines. Pine has a special role in the garden: it not only closes the tall building next to it, but also tolerates the polluted air of the metropolis.

The aroma of herbs and needles, ferns, creepers, willows make us forget about all matters and problems for a while.

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How it all works

The garden with good reason can be called a hanging. Such an extraordinary location is amazing, and many people are interested in the technical side. This work is a synthesis of precise engineering calculation and design imagination.

The construction is supported by twelve powerful columns hollow inside. In these voids are the roots of the largest trees growing in the garden.

The soil layer is only twenty centimeters so as not to burden the structure. 130 ventilation openings and other communications of the station and parking are harmoniously entered into the general style.

The acoustics are also up to the mark, and passengers waiting in the garden for their train can hear all the announcements at the station.

The station also determined the name: trains leave from here towards the Atlantic, to Brittany.

Fountain Weather Station

In the center of the garden, on the Hesperides Island square, there is an unusual structure - the Hesperides fountain, dedicated to the sky. The author, Jean-Max Llork, placed there a whole collection of weather instruments. In addition to the usual thermometer and weather vane, you can find out how an anemometer measuring wind speed and a rain gauge look and act. There is also a large mirror that turns after the sun and directs its light into the pool.

History buffs will be drawn to the Paris Liberation Museum, located right there.

From the street, the garden can be reached by elevator, and from the station - via the internal stairs.

In the Atlantic Garden you can spend time waiting for the train, take a break from the bustle of the city or take a vacation right in the center of Paris.

Getting there

Address: 1 Place des Cinq Martyrs du Lycee Buffon, Paris 75015.
Metro: Paris Montparnasse, Gaite.
Run time: 8: 00-21: 30.