Jardin de la Gare-de-Charonne in Paris


The Gare-de-Charonne Garden (Jardin de la Gare-de-Charonne) is located on the site of the old Sharon-Marshandis railway station. It stretches along the former defensive fortifications of Thiers on the Boulevard Davout in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

In solitude with nature

Created in 1986, the Gare de Sharon garden covers an area of ​​1,5 hectares. Its appearance and development is firmly connected with the activities of the public association, which united the enthusiasts of the revival of the Small Transport Ring in a new capacity. In this area, along the main alley, there is a fountain and ten small artificial pools. Seven of them have magnificent collections of water lilies.

In the park, bamboo groves, ornamental shrubs, lindens, lilacs and pines are planted along the winding paths. There are many asthenias blooming from spring to autumn, including various types of azaleas and rhododendrons. Gare de Sharon is part of the environmental project Trame verte et bleue, so no harmful chemicals and fertilizers are used to care for shrubs, flowers and trees. Feeders and bird houses have been installed in various parts of the park, which nest in large numbers among its bushes and trees.

Sports and arts

The garden space is an attractive green area for family recreation of residents of the surrounding areas. A playground with intricate slides and other attractions will brighten up the free time of children of primary school age.

In 1985-1994, a sports center was built on the territory of the park, where several Olympic sports are being developed. Adult visitors to the Gare de Charon garden will be interested in opportunities for recreation with health benefits and jogging, playing table tennis, rollerblading and cycling. The sports complex of the park with a basketball court covers an area of ​​400 m2.

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After training, it is doubly pleasant to relax near the fountain under the shade of trees. The garden has everything you need to spend your leisure time carefree: comfortable benches in shady corners, drinking fountains, hygiene rooms.

Installed along the remaining railroad track of the Lesser Ring Road on the west side of the Gare de Sharon, concrete fence panels have become an informal permanent exhibition of street art. A quiet green corner of the capital is an ideal place for creative experiments for novice artists.

A little north of the Gare de Sharon Park, in the building of the former train station of the Sharon Voyagers passenger station, the Golden Arrow cafe-chanson was opened in the 1990s. It is named after the legendary express that ran through the Dover ferry between Paris and London in 1926-1972.

The architectural appearance of a small building, built in 1862, is also attractive. Its gable-roof façade is decorated with a triangular pediment above the entrance with a semicircular window instead of a tympanum. In the small hall of the station, you can now not only appreciate the gastronomic art of the chef, but also become a spectator of a music show.

Getting there

Address: 59 Boulevard Davout, Paris 75020
Metro: Maraichers, Porte de Montreuil
Tram: Porte de montreuil
Bus: Porte de montreuil
Run time: 8:00-20:30