Nelson Mandela Garden in Paris


Сад Нельсона Манделы (Jardin Nelson-Mandela) расположен в I округе Парижа по соседству с фондовой биржей, колонной Медичи и церковью Сен-Эсташ. Он занимает территорию в 40 тыс. м2 между улицами Виармес, Бергер и Рамбуто.

Chronicle of events

Сад разбит на месте известного с 17 в. огромного продовольственного рынка Аллея-де-Пари, подробно описанного в книге Э. Золя «Чрево Парижа». В начале 1970-х годов он был закрыт в связи с реконструкцией района и строительством подземного торгового центра Forum des Halles. Проект сады был разработан ландшафтным дизайнером Луи Арретшем, а его открытие для горожан состоялось в 1988 году под названием парк Ле Аль.

In 2013, Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe proposed that the City Council name the park after the anti-apartheid politician Nelson Mandela. In December this year, the mayor's proposal was approved by the city authorities. This decision is captured on a commemorative plaque installed at the entrance to the park.

In 2010-2018, Nelson Mandela Park was redesigned by Seura agency and landscape designer Philippe Raguin Paysagiste. An impressive amount of € 40 million was allocated for the reconstruction of the park. Its reopening took place in the spring of 2018 in the presence of the mayor of the French capital, Anne Hidalgo.

Recreation and Entertainment

The park has several spacious lawns suitable for sports games and picnics. Among shrubs and trees, chestnuts and hazel are planted. The western part of the garden is occupied by the Jardin des Enfants greenhouse, which consists of four pavilions in the form of pyramids. In total, more than 500 different plants have been planted in Nelson Mandela Park.

On the north side of the park, near the Place Rene Kassen, there are several modern sculptures. "The Listening Man" by Henri Miller is one of them. She graced the park in 1986. The second attraction of the park is a fiber-optic sundial by the same author and engineer François Danrel. They consist of a wavy stone base and a bronze figure 2 m high. The time from them can be determined not by the usual shadow, but can be seen on a special display.

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In 2009, an unusual art composition Vizitor, 4 m high, appeared in the park.It was created from metal by British sculptor Barry Flanagan in 1989. Its square base turns into a pointed cone and ends with a horizontally located crescent.

Для детских развлечений в парке оборудованы две игровые зоны. Большая из них площадью 2500 м2 предназначена для ребят в возрасте 7-11 лет. Переодевшись в спортивную обувь они найдут себе занятия у Стены динозавра, верёвочном парке, на площадке с ракетами и батутами. Меньшая площадка с простейшими аттракционами размером 1400 м2 создана для маленьких детей до 6 лет.

On the south side of the Nelson Mandela Gardens there is an open stage with an amphitheater, the stage of which is suitable for open-air concerts. Several pools along the Avenue Saint-Georges-Persé add variety to the landscape and allow you to cool off a little in the water during the hot season.

Getting there

Address: 1 Rue Pierre Lescot, Paris 75001
Metro: Les Halles
RER Train: Châtelet - Les Halles
Bus: Coquilliere - les Halles
Run time: 9:30-20:30