Square Saint-Gilles-Grand-Venus-Pauline-Roland


The modest-sized Saint-Gilles du Grand Veneur square is lost among the labyrinth of narrow streets of the Marais quarter. A charming corner of nature under the windows of the Grand Vener hotel, a wonderful haven of silence and an ideal place for romantic dates for lovers.

A beautiful corner of greenery in the center of Paris was created relatively recently, in 1988. It occupies an area of ​​only 987 m2 and is considered the smallest square in the 3rd district of the capital. Located behind the old baroque mansions of the 17th-18th century. Gesen and d'Ekquilly, it is hardly noticeable from the bustling streets.

In 2010, the already not small name of the square became even longer. Since that time, it has increased due to the assignment of the name of one of the founders of feminism and socialist Pauline Roland (1805-1852). A sincere supporter of the Saint-Simon idea, she was also a close friend of Georges Sand and Pierre Leroux.

Pauline Roland actively collaborated with the editorial staff of one of the first feminist magazines, La Femme Nouvelle, on the pages of which she passionately defended the rights of women. Not recognizing the legality of the coup d'état on December 2, 1851, which gave birth to the Second Empire, she was expelled to Algeria. Only the intercession of Georges Sand helped Pauline Roland return home shortly before her death.

The small garden of Saint-Gilles-Grand-Venere-Pauline-Roland is laid out according to the strict canons of the French style of landscape architecture. Its four picturesque lawns are symmetrically positioned around the garden behind neatly trimmed low hedges.

On a summer day, lawns are not only pleasing to tired eyes, but can also become a playground for a family picnic and sunbathing. There is no need to worry about the cleanliness of the lawns, because walking pets is strictly prohibited. The Saint-Gilles-Grand-Venere-Pauline-Roland square has been awarded the category of “ecologically clean green area”.

The most striking attraction of Saint-Gilles-Grand-Venere-Pauline-Roland is its rose garden with numerous varieties of the queen of flowers that give the park a special charm. This modest-sized site is home to roses named after the actress Catherine Deneuve and the poet Pierre Ronsard.

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Dozens of plants twine along specially installed metal frames, creating a landscape pleasing to the eye. The park's trees are dominated by European maples, whose bright yellow foliage in autumn sometimes creates a sunny mood.

Several alpine slides diversify the general panorama of the park and make it an even more attractive place for walks and contemplative relaxation. Together with the children, here you can devote your time to studying the diversity of European flora and completing practical school assignments. For a comfortable pastime and relaxation in a wonderful corner of nature, stone benches and a fountain with drinking water are placed on the central round area of ​​the park.

Getting there

Address: 9 Rue du Grand Veneur, Paris 75003
Metro: Chemin Vert
Bus: Saint-Claude
Run time: 8:00-19:30