Sculpture Man Listening (Écoute) in Paris


With its originality and uniqueness, the sculpture The Listening Man - Écoute attracts the attention of tourists and guests of Paris. It is conveniently located on the site of the former market place in Les Halles park next to the Saint-Eustache church. Parisians love this amazing piece of art and sometimes call it "The Reclining Head" or "The Listener".

This statue was presented to Paris by the famous sculptor Henri de Miller in 1986. The sculptor worked for 6 months before this composition adorned the square. The huge head weighs about 70 tons. An intriguing plot attracts many people to this place. This sculpture has no pedestal. It is located right on the square. An open palm supports a stone head near the ear, which has crouched to the ground, hoping to hear a lot of interesting things. It was carved from monolithic stone, which was specially brought from Burgundy.

Man listening 1

Many years have passed since she became the central figure of the park. But every day and every night a person still listens to what is happening around him. Sometimes people who see this beauty and mystery are lost in conjectures: what does he want to hear? Since the sculpture is close to the church, it is possible that the head is listening to the sounds of music coming from the Temple of Saint-Eustache. Parisians who love the city say that a person listens to the heartbeat of his hometown. Or maybe he just listens to what is happening in the Earth and wants to warn about the dangers that should never sneak up on a modern cozy city.

But everyone who comes to this sculpture knows one thing for sure. If you come very close to her and whisper a desire in your ear, then it will certainly come true. So tourists come to the sculpture to share their most cherished desires, and at the same time take a picture with a mysterious person.

Getting there

Address: 1 Place René Cassin, 75001 Paris, France
Metro: Les Halles
RER Train: Châtelet - Les Halles

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