Statue of Dalida (Dalida Statue) in Paris


The bust of Dalida (Dalida Statue) rises on a tiny square named after the singer, not far from the very center of the French capital, in the back streets of the Montmartre hill.

History and description of the monument

Yolanda Cristina Gigliotti - a singer of Italian origin, better known under the pseudonym Delilah - is deeply revered throughout the world for her extraordinary voice, insightful manner of performance and songs that reflect the tragedy of her own fate.

In 1997, the Paris mayor's office decided to perpetuate the memory of the singer by erecting a monument not far from her house. It is noteworthy that Delilah, not a native Frenchwoman, became the third woman whose monument was erected on French soil. Before her, only Jeanne d'Arc and Sarah Bernhardt received such an honor.

The small statue is made of pewter bronze. The sculptor Aslan managed with amazing accuracy to recreate the most recognizable features of the singer - a lush shock of hair, a straight nose, sharp cheekbones, a stately contour of the face, and, most importantly, a languid but proud look. The sculpture of the singer rises above the heads of passers-by, as if not paying attention to what is happening around, dissolving into eternity.

A bright, polished bust of the sculpture stands out against the background of a shade of dark bronze. Every year the monument attracts thousands of tourists, including not only admirers of the talent of the great icon of French chanson, but also romantics desperately looking for their love. According to legend, touching Delilah's chest can bring success in love and happiness in family life.

Even 20 years after her death, Delilah remains in the heart of every Frenchman, as does her statue - in the heart of the main French tourist artery. A walk to a small sculpture of the great singer is an integral part of immersion in the culture of the French folk song.

Getting there

Address: Place Dalida, Paris 75018
Metro: Lamarck - Caulaincourt
Bus: Abreuvoir / Girardon

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