Statue of Joan of Arc in Paris


The French especially love to sing of their national heroes. The gilded statue of Jeanne d'Arc in Paris (Statue de Jeanne d'Arc Paris) is a vivid proof of this. Sparkling in the sun or in the light of evening lanterns, this statue reminds passing observers of the equally bright, but tragic fate of a young French woman of the 15th century. Although there are various monuments to Joan of Arc in Paris and many other cities in France, the statue in the Place des Pyramides near the Louvre is the most famous and impressive.

The life and death of the famous Frenchwoman

It is believed that Joan of Arc was born in 1412 in the village of Domremy during the Hundred Years War between England and France. At the age of 17, Jeanne became the leader of the French army. In April 1429, the military detachment of Joan of Arc released Orleans, for which she received the nickname of the Orleans maiden. Over the following months, troops under her command won numerous victories over the British.

In May 1430, as a result of betrayal, she was captured by the British. A year later, Joan of Arc was convicted of heresy and wearing men's clothes and sentenced to be burned at the stake in Rouen. A few decades later, her trial was declared illegal, and in 1920, the Catholic Church ranked the Frenchwoman as a saint.

The history of the statue in Pyramid Square

The equestrian statue of Joan of Arc was placed on the square of the Pyramids in 1874 year. This place was not chosen by chance, since it is believed that Jeanne was seriously injured in the battle for Paris. Emanuel Framier, a famous sculptor of that time, worked on the creation of the statue. The pedestal for it was designed by architect Paul Abadi.

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As a model, the sculptor chose Amy Giraud - a girl from the village of Domremy, the birthplace of Joan of Arc. The master sought to convey in his work the extraordinary determination and fearlessness of the national heroine.

But, obviously, the sculptor was not quite familiar with the laws of optical perception. Since the figure of the horsewoman seemed to the observer from below to be too small in relation to the horse. In this regard, the bronze "Jeanne" subsequently made larger.

Some critics believe that this monument is not the best image of the Orleans virgin. But the most popular. Due to its convenient location near the Louvre and its golden glow, the statue on the Pyramids is a favorite attraction of thousands of visitors to Paris. And various political movements annually hold patriotic rallies near the monument.

Getting there

Address: 4 Place des Pyramides, Paris 75001
Metro: Tuileries, pyramides
Bus: Pyramides / Tuileries, Pyramides - Saint-Honore