Statue of Mihai Eminescu in Paris


Mihai Eminescu is a cult figure in Romania and Moldova and is widely known in the world of 19th century literature. The statue of Mihai Eminescu (Statue de Mihai Eminescu) is located at the beginning of the French street Jean de Beauvais, not far from the Romanian Orthodox Church of the Holy Archangel.

The creative path of the morning star of Romanian literature

The poet was born in 1850 in Botosani. The masterpiece of his work is the poem "Luchaferul", recognized as the longest poem in the world. The work raises the eternal themes of love and philosophy, combined with the realities of life. The thread of the theme of the rejected genius runs through the entire poem, with which the poet himself is involuntarily contrasted.

Only at the dawn of his life was he recognized as a genius and was called Luchafarul of Romanian literature, which means "morning star" in translation. By that time, he was already suffering from mental illness and could not enjoy the recognition. The poet finished his life in a psychiatric hospital in Bucharest in 1889.

Bronze memory of the Romanian poet romantic

The statue was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the poet's death in 1989. Mihai Eminescu was portrayed in different ways, correlating him with the types of the heroes of his works, reasoning in the words of the poet about love and philosophy. The monument in Paris, 250 cm high, is a full-length portrait of the poet between the branches. Long hair blowing in the wind complements the look with romance.

In the hands of the creator of the book, and his gaze is proudly directed forward, reflecting his will. The poet is depicted in clothes as if in a broken bronze vice, his body tied with a rope symbolizing his endless struggle: for life and recognition.

The statue is not only a reflection of respect for the poet, but also one of the best works of the sculptor Ion Vlad, recognized both in France and in Romania. The statue, for its romanticism and tragedy, was at the same time recognized as a masterpiece of his work.

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Getting there

Address: 14 Rue Jean de Beauvais, Paris 75005
Metro: Maubert - Mutualité
Bus: Collège de France