Statue of Liberty in Paris (Statue of Liberty Paris)


Historically, the main attraction of the United States of America has its roots in France. In Paris, you can find three of these monuments of different sizes. The most famous is located on Swan Island, near the Eiffel Tower.

Paris Statue of Liberty on Swan Island

The eastern part of Swan Island has become home to the diminished Statue of Liberty. Rising on a concrete pedestal, the copper lady, 11,5 meters high, peers into the distant shores of the American continent. Initially, the monument looked to the east, and only at the end of the 1930s its gaze turned to the west.

The monument is entirely made of copper fragments, which are attached to a strong metal frame in a special way, where the seams are almost invisible. Copper ore for casting was specially imported from Russia, and the frame before installation underwent many tests by strong winds and water.

Despite the fact that the statues are almost identical, as was originally intended, they still differ in two ways. The first is the size, as you know, the Paris Statue of Liberty is reduced by 4 times. But the second difference is not so noticeable, but still, if you look at the code of laws that the lady holds in her left hand, you can see a different number of dates. The French one has two dates, while the American one has one.

Other copies of the Statue of Liberty

Another similar exhibit is on display at the Museum of Arts and Crafts. The size of the statue allows everyone to approach and examine Miss Liberty to the smallest detail. It is she who is the first model, according to which the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi later created the famous "Freedom illuminating the world".

The second statue is located at the entrance to the Musee d'Orsay. It has been located here since 2012, before that it was located on the territory of the Luxembourg Gardens.

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The third bronze Statue of Liberty is located in the Luxembourg Gardens. Installed immediately after the previous version was moved to the Musée d'Orsay.

For all the time, the Statue of Liberty on Swan Island left its place only once. It happened in 1998, when the year of French culture was officially announced in Japan. Among the many exhibits from various museums, the Paris Statue of Liberty went to the Land of the Rising Sun. Her temporary residence was the island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay. It is worth noting that this was a revelation for many people in Japan. Few of them knew about the origins of American "Freedom Illuminating the World"

Donated as a sign of confirmation of mutual cooperation between the two peoples, the monument quickly lost its original purpose. Over the course of time, this statue of the sculptor Bartholdi has become a symbol of human freedom and independence, not of a single people, but of all mankind.

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