Statue of Etienne Marcel in Paris


In the beautiful building of the Hotel de Ville, which is located between the streets of Rivoli and the Seine River, is the municipality of Paris, which manages the administrative life of the city. Right in front of the building's facade, from the side of the Seine embankment, there is a magnificent equestrian monument to Etienne Marcel (Monument à Etienne Marcel), the first merchant mayor (prevost), and it cannot be ignored.

About the creation of the monument

After much debate, the work on the equestrian statue was entrusted to the sculptor Jean Antoine Idrak. He was born in the city of Toulouse, and studied his craft under Jean Falguier himself. In 1873, Idrak received the Grand Rome Prize for Sculpture, which was very prestigious at that time. Immediately after returning from Italy, the master began with enthusiasm to work on the monument to Etienne Marcel, but could not finish it, as he died suddenly at the end of 1884.

The monument was completed by Laurent Marquest, the famous laureate, winner of the Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. The statue of the first and most famous mayor of Paris was unveiled in a solemn ceremony in the summer of 1888.

A little about Etienne Marseille

This man left a significant mark in the history of not only Paris, but, perhaps, the whole of France. As one of the richest burghers in the city, as the heir to a renowned family of cloth manufacturers and suppliers, Etienne Marseille had many business connections. It is known for certain that it was he who was one of the brightest leaders of the Paris uprising (from 1356 to 1358) during the Hundred Years War.

It was Marseille who was at the helm of the reformist trend, its participants made an attempt to establish a monarchy on French territory that could be controlled. He actively opposed the Dauphin, and the entire royal power in general.

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The economic position of his country occupied this talented politician much stronger than the political issues of the municipal government. In particular, Etienne Marcel bought a special house with majestic columns at his own expense, in which, as a result, she began to gather and discuss issues of a delegation of townspeople and elected traders.

Under the leadership of Etienne Marcel, all the most important and pressing issues related to the management of the city were resolved, profitable trade deals were concluded. He was killed by supporters of the Dauphin during an evening tour of the outposts.

Now the monument to one of the most famous municipal politicians of the Middle Ages, Etienne Marcel, who is proudly riding a horse, adorns the city hall and attracts many tourists.

Getting there

Address: 1341 Quai de l'Hôtel de ville, Paris 75004
Metro: Hôtel de Ville
Bus: Hôtel de Ville