Innocent Fountain in Paris


Since 1787, on the eponymous square in Paris, there has been the Fountain of the Innocents - the oldest work of art from the French Renaissance. It is the creation of the minds and hands of two famous architects and sculptors Pierre Lescaut and Zhar Goujon, dating back to the middle of the 16th century.

The territory of the present square of the Innocents was once occupied by a cemetery for the poor and babies. Hence its name comes from. After the cemetery was closed, a beautiful fountain was transported here. It is a square arch decorated with sculptures of nymphs, naiads, cupids and gods, personifying the forces of nature. All sculptural images are distinguished by plasticity, harmony and beauty of figures framed by flowing clothes. It seems that the splash of water in the fountain is a special music to which beautiful nymphs move smoothly.

Currently, the originals of the sculptures are in the Louvre, and their copies decorate the arcades of the fountain, which pours its waters right on the steps of the arch. Initially, the fountain was adjacent to the wall, and only three sides of it were decorated with images. After the arch was moved to an open space, the sculptor Pajou was engaged in its decor according to the original sketches of the creators of the masterpiece.

The Fountain of the Innocents is located in the very center of Paris on the Place des Innocents near the famous Pompidou Museum Center and Saint-Eustache Cathedral. From anywhere in Paris, you can quickly get here by metro. Choosing a line is not difficult, you just need to carefully study the route from the point of departure to the station of arrival.

Address: Place Joachim du Bellay, 75001 Paris, France.

Будучи в Париже, наряду с Триумфальной аркой, Эйфелевой башней и the Louvre, обязательно стоит посмотреть на фонтан Невинных. Это памятник архитектуры не зря считается бесценным шедевром ренессанса.

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