Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg


The Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg is a historical and cultural monument of federal significance. A unique architectural ensemble of the 18th-20th centuries and the former residence of the Yusupov princes, which went down in history as the place where Grigory Rasputin was killed. Currently, it is a cultural center where tours, exhibitions, concerts and other educational events are held.

History of the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg

Initially, on the place where the residence is located, there was a small palace and a wooden estate of Tsarevna Praskovya Ivanovna, niece of Peter I. Since 1726, the estate changed several owners and in 1830 it was acquired by Prince Boris Nikolaevich Yusupov.

The construction of the residence took place over almost two centuries. Until 1916, several generations of the noble family of the Yusupovs repeatedly rebuilt and reconstructed the palace. Several domestic and foreign architects worked on the interiors of the halls, including the famous Italian masters Antonio Vigi and Bernabo Medici.

On December 17, 1916, the murder of the spiritual mentor and family friend of Emperor Nicholas II, Grigory Rasputin, took place in the Yusupov Palace. Prince Felix Yusupov was exiled to the Rakitnoye estate for conspiracy, and the palace was handed over to proxies and turned into a German consulate.

After the building was handed over to the pedagogical intelligentsia of the city in 1925, the Palace of Culture of educators was housed in it, which later became a historical and cultural center that still exists today.

During the Great Patriotic War, an evacuation hospital was located in the halls of the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg. The foundation, walls and interiors of the building were badly damaged by the bombing and shelling. The global reconstruction of the palace began in 1943 under the leadership of Irina Nikolaevna Benois.

Yusupov Palace on the Moika: Google panorama

Opening hours of the Yusupov Palace

The palace is open to the public every day, from 11.00 to 18.00.

Ticket offices are open from 10:30 to 17:00, and on the days of theatrical events - from 10:30 to 19:00 (the ticket office and entrance for individual tourists is carried out from Dekabristov Street, 21).

If you plan to get on the excursion, you must arrive in advance, as ticket sales end 10 minutes before the start of the event.

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Also note the technical breaks in the cashier's work

  • Ticket office from 94 Moika river embankment: From 13: 00 to 13: 20 and from 15: 00 to 15: 20.
  • Ticket office from 21 Dekabristov Street: From 13: 30 to 14: 00 and from 15: 30 to 16: 00.

For individual visitors and small groups, entrance to the Yusupov Palace is carried out from Dekabristov Street, 21. For visitors of organized groups and guests of the Home Theater, entrance from the Moika River Embankment, 94.

When visiting the palace, you can visit Yusupov Park for free (entrance from 21 Dekabristov St.). Opening hours from 10.00 to 21.00, daily.

Interior of the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg: Google panorama

Prices for tickets to the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg

The Yusupov dynasty had an excellent picture gallery, part of which can be seen in the exhibitions of the palace. Also of interest are the preserved luxurious interiors of the halls and the Home Theater.

You can buy a ticket at the box office of the palace on the day of your visit, or in advance on the official website of the Yusupov Palace.

When visiting, you can book a tour, or use the audio guide service, which is available in 8 languages. The tour lasts 1 hour 15 minutes.

In addition, you can use the mobile application "Yusupov Palace" and, after buying a ticket, download the tour to your smartphone.

Evening expositions for self-examination

  • "The assassination of Grigory Rasputin" (film and independent viewing of the exposition - according to the schedule);
  • "Half of the Young Princes" (independent visit + consultation of the guide);
  • Complex: independent visit to the exhibition "The Murder of Grigory Rasputin" and "Half of the Young Princes".

Thematic excursions

  • "Parade Yusupovsky" (ceremonial halls of the 2nd floor);
  • "Opening the curtain" (residential half of the prince on the 1st floor, ceremonial halls on the 2nd floor, home theater, office premises of the theater);
  • Guided tour with musical miniature (residential half of the prince on the 1st floor, ceremonial halls on the 2nd floor);
  • "20th century. The last owners of the palace» (the chambers of the young completely and the exposition "The Murder of Grigory Rasputin");
  • "19th century. In the princely residential quarters " (residential half of the prince on the 1st floor, boudoir of the princess, linen, House church);
  • "Personal quarters of the princes Yusupovs 19th - early 20th century." (the residential half of the prince on the 1st floor, the boudoir of the princess, living quarters on the young half);
  • Living quarters of the 19th - early 20th century. "From Eclecticism to the Silver Age" (residential half of the prince on the 1st floor and half of the young princes).
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Complex excursions in the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg

  • State halls of the 2nd floor and the exhibition "The Murder of Grigory Rasputin";
  • "The Yusupovs: ceremonial and private life of the palace" (ceremonial halls of the 2nd floor, the residential half of the prince on the 1st floor, the boudoir of the princess, half of the young princes);
  • "House on the Moika" (ceremonial halls of the 2nd floor, living half of the prince on the 1st floor, boudoirs of the princess, half of the young princes, exposition "The Murder of Grigory Rasputin");
  • State rooms of the 2nd floor and living quarters of the prince on the 1st floor;
  • "The resplendent palace and the fateful night of 1916" (ceremonial halls of the 2nd floor, living quarters of the prince on the 1st floor, boudoir of the princess, exposition "The Murder of Grigory Rasputin").

Preferential visit

The Yusupov Palace daily conducts a free excursion "Parade Yusupov" for:

  • veterans;
  • participants and invalids of the Second World War;
  • residents of besieged Leningrad;
  • labor veterans;
  • concentration camp prisoners;
  • warriors - internationalists;
  • heroes of the USSR and Russia;
  • disabled persons of groups 1 and 2;
  • large families.

Please note that access to the Murder of Rasputin tour is not possible for wheelchair users and prams due to the narrow corridor. For the same reason, access to the stalls of the Home Theater of the Yusupov Palace is limited, events are available for viewing only from the tier.

Pensioners have the right to visit the tour "Front Yusupovsky" at a reduced price.

Preschool children (up to 7 years old) go on excursions (thematic / sightseeing / with an audio guide) for free, always accompanied by adults.

Discount tickets can only be purchased at the ticket office of the palace upon presentation of documents confirming the right to the discount.

Poster and detailed information about excursions on the official website of the Yusupov Palace.

Home theater of the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg

The theater hall of the palace, created in the 19th century, has come down to us in its original form. Among the visitors to the theater were high-ranking guests and residents of St. Petersburg, as well as members of the Russian imperial family. Polina Viardot, Franz Liszt, Fyodor Chaliapin, soloists of the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theaters performed on the stage of the theater.

The Rococo Chamber Theater has an extensive repertoire, which includes classical opera and modern operettas, fragments of Russian ballets and theatrical performances for children.


Within the walls of the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg, not only excursions and concerts are held. The halls can be rented for various official, corporate and family events. Here they celebrate weddings, hold photo shoots and weddings, organize masquerade balls, children's parties, charity evenings, presentations, fashion shows, conferences, seminars and receptions at the state level.

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Visiting rules

In the interiors of the palace prohibited:

  • move around without a guide or employee, except for visitors with an audio guide;
  • visitors with an audio guide cannot join organized groups;
  • touch interior items and decoration, paintings, sculptures and other exhibits;
  • lean against or lean against walls, doors, window sills and other architectural elements;
  • enter the interiors in outerwear and street shoes (you must have a change of shoes without stiletto heels and metal heels), or use museum slippers;
  • bring suitcases, backpacks, briefcases and bags exceeding 20x30 cm into the halls of the palace, as well as umbrellas;
  • make professional photography and video filming without special permission (it is also prohibited to use tripods and selfie sticks);
  • smoke in interiors and offices;
  • use mobile phones (it is recommended to put them on a silent signal);
  • visit the palace with animals;
  • bring food and drinks.

All things can be left in the storage room and in the wardrobe. In case of damage to the property of the Yusupov Palace, the administration of the Cultural Institution has the right to impose a fine on the culprit in the amount of 25 (twenty five thousand) rubles + the cost of restoration work.

Getting there

The Yusupov Palace is located in St. Petersburg, at the Moika River Embankment, 94.

You can reach it by public transport:

  • Metro: line 5 (purple line) Art. "Admiralteyskaya", line 2 (blue line) st. "Nevsky Prospect";
  • Buses: No. 3, 22, 27 (stop Teatralnaya Ploschad); Trolleybuses: No. 5, 22 (stop "Palace of Labor").
  • Taxi: № К124, К186, К350 (from the metro stations "Sadovaya", "Sennaya Ploschad", "Spasskaya" to the intersection of Glinka St. and the Moika River embankment).

To call a taxi, use the mobile applications: Yandex.Taxi, Maxim, Uber or Gett.

You can also rent a car, the road from Pulkovo Airport will take about 30 minutes.

The route from the airport to the Yusupov Palace on the map - Google Maps

Yusupov Palace: video