Square Montolon (Le square Montholon) in Paris


Located near Rue Lafayette, Le square Montholon is considered the largest green area in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

During the grandiose town-planning transformations of Baron Haussmann, great changes affected these quarters as well. During the reconstruction of Lafaite Street, engineer Jean-Charles Alfand was entrusted with landscaping the adjacent territory in the form of a large square. For the necessary work from the treasury, an amount of 160 thousand francs was provided.

The new square was laid out on an area of ​​4,5 thousand m2 in 1863. Some of them were the territory of the former gardens of the hereditary executioner Charles Sanson, whose mansion still stands near the park. From the bustle of the city, the square, named after the lawyer and president of the regional parliaments of Metz and Normandy, Nicolas de Montolon, is protected by a beautiful cast-iron fence in the Empire style. In its complex floral ornament, you can see the images of hearts.

Green spaces

Several dozen large trees have been planted on the territory of Montalon Square. Here you can find maples, hornbeams, cedars and lindens, but the most remarkable of them are considered to be several mighty plane trees. These trees were planted over 100 years ago and now their crowns have reached a height of 30 m, and the girth of the trunk is about 4 m.

The park's green hedges are formed by 2 low and neatly trimmed bushes of roses, laurel and currants. More than 500 thousand flowers are regularly planted in the flower beds located on two rectangular terraces. In the center of the square there is a small swimming pool fed by water from natural springs gushing to the surface.

Several artificial nests for birds living in Paris have been installed in secluded shady corners of the square. With caution, visitors can observe the daily life of birds.

Sculptures and entertainment

Since the opening of the park, its alleys have been decorated with various decorative garden sculptures, but not all of them have survived to this day. During the years of occupation during the Second World War, the square suffered heavy losses. In 1942, the bronze sculptural composition "Bear, Eagle and Vulture" by Auguste Cannes was dismantled from the fountain and, together with the statue "Boy with a Monkey" by Francois Rollard, was sent to be melted down.

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In 1923, the most remarkable marble statue of Saint Catherine, created in 1908 by the sculptor Julien Laurier, was installed in the square. The author depicted in his work five girls greeting the patroness of lonely hearts, St. Catherine of Alexandria.

One of the urban traditions of Paris is associated with this sculpture. On the feast of saint on November 25, young single women over the age of 25 must demonstrate the incredible hats they have invented and try them on on the head of St. Catherine to enlist her support.

After the reconstruction of the park in 2012, a well-equipped children's playground appeared on its territory. For adults, visitors to the Montolon Square are equipped with football and basketball courts, ping-pong tables. In the shade of the trees, at any of the many benches, everyone can do their urgent business using the free wi-fi.

Getting there

Address: 2 Rue Mayran, Paris 75009.
Metro: Poissonniere, Cadet.
Bus: Cadet.
Run time: 8: 00-21: 30.