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The Dhalgren Gallery has specialized in promoting the work of contemporary artists internationally since 1996. Opened with a personal exhibition by Tony Soulier, Vanités, she continues her fruitful collaboration with photographers, installation authors, book illustrators, and video art masters.

In a long line of permanent partners of the gallery in exhibition activities, you can easily find the names of artists from around the world. All aspects of modern reality are reflected in their work in the original author's interpretation.

French artist Patricia Ebeldin has collaborated with writers and poets for many years. Some of the results of this creative union could be seen at her personal exhibition. Gravitating towards expressing her ideas in the language of abstract painting and graphics, she gladly turns to photography and sculpture in her work. She is especially successful in conveying ethnographic nuances in her works in the form of her models from Asian and African countries.

Anne Mandola's copper engravings amaze with the lightness and boldness of the artist's creative ideas. They reflected the actual spiritual problems of society in the 21st century, the search for true knowledge, and modern mythology. Through the form, color and appeal to the primitive style in the fine arts, the author seeks to provide answers to the most difficult questions.

Yakub Ignacio's abstract paintings form a mosaic of the modern world with a complex structure. Lines, dots and colored shapes form a unique view of reality, consisting of fragments of the past and modern times. Resonant memories and immersion in the moments of the present correspond to the topography of time and outline the inner geography of the artist's contemporary.

On selected, full of expressionism, the works of Ricardo Mozner, one can feel the feverish rhythm of the artist's creative thought. Graphic tension with sometimes slightly veiled erotic overtones in his works is close to the limit of human capabilities.

The exhibitions and vernissages held at the Dhalgren Gallery fully reveal the current state and prospects of future art. The works of our contemporaries exhibited in its halls are a kind of visual encyclopedia with the help of which a sophisticated art dealer and an inexperienced beginner can reveal secrets and better understand the possibilities of their soul.

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The gallery's specialists are constantly involved in the development of new projects for exhibition shows, maintain partnerships with art museums and professional art dealer communities. A separate area of ​​her work right from the moment of opening was the publication of catalogs of exhibitions and art history literature.

Getting there

Address: 86 Rue de Picpus, Paris 75012
Phone: + 33 1 77 13 56 83
Website: www.dhalgren.net
Metro: Daumesnil, Bel-Air
Bus: Picpus - Reuilly