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Art gallery Dina Sabourin (Galerie Dina Sabourin) is located in the Parisian Marais quarter in a mansion on the old street Saint-Paul. One of the centers of the cultural life of Paris, the Marais quarter, whose atmosphere is imbued with the spirit of cosmopolitanism, is ideal for exhibiting contemporary fine art.

The opening of the new Parisian art gallery took place in January 2015. The main idea of ​​her artistic concept is an extraordinary look at the world around and the high professionalism of the artist. In the halls of the Galerie Dina Sabourin, paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and ceramics are presented for the judgment of experts.

The staff of the gallery offers to the attention of collectors and art lovers a collection of works made in different styles. They like to "expose" various artistic forms, sometimes colliding and opposing them to each other, and sometimes building something completely new and unusual out of them.

The gallery's exposition builds a dialogue with the viewer and questions the usual semantic load of figurative painting, calls into question the already established relations between people, their interaction with the universal elements of architecture and nature. The paintings and sculptures selected for exhibitions emotionally affect the inner world of the visitor, making him feel the tension inherent in modern society.

The exhibition areas of the gallery have become a meeting place and creative communication for artists from the countries of the former USSR. Among her constant partners are artist and sculptor Mark Tochilkin, graphic artist and sculptor Yuri Matskin, artists Inna Belous, Irina Rakova, Semyon Adzhiashvili, Semyon Diment, ceramist Armen Dariyan, sculptors Taras Levko and Isaak Asher.

One of the last impressive cultural events at the Galerie Dina Sabourin was a collective exhibition of drawings by M. Tochilkin, I. Belous, I. Rakova and S. Adzhiashvili. Its participants sought to demonstrate the diversity of drawing techniques and correct the misconception about drawing as a preparatory stage in the artist's creative work. The main goal of the exhibition was to show the self-sufficiency of the drawing and partially reveal the secrets of the complex and very intimate process of its creation.

Every year the gallery successfully hosts several solo exhibitions of artists and sculptors from Eastern Europe. In the first months of 2018 alone, its visitors witnessed such artistic events as the exhibitions This is my place and Symmetry by S. Adzhiashvili.

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Exhibition activities of Galerie Dina Sabourin are not limited to the main stationary space. Art events organized by the gallery staff are also held outdoors in city gardens and parks, sometimes outside not only Paris, but also France. An example of such an exposition in 2017 was the exhibition of urban sculpture by M. Tochilkin and A. Dariyan in Jerusalem.

Getting there

Address: 10 Rue Saint-Paul, Paris 75004
Phone: + 33 1 40 09 02 49
Website: dinasabourin.com
Metro: Pont Marie, Sully-Morland
Hours: 14: 00-18: 00