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One of the oldest art galleries in Paris, Galerie Documents is located in an old mansion on rue de Seine. Its history is inextricably linked with the activities of the publisher and printer Octav Uzannaya, who founded a printing house specializing in the printing of posters and posters in the early 1890s.

At the turn of the century, the artist Edmond Sago became one of Ousanna's successful partners. With his participation, an exhibition hall was opened for the first time at the printing house. The work of his life was continued by the husband of his daughter Le Garrec, but the real birth of the gallery called Galerie Sagot-Le Garrec in 1954 is associated with the activities of his heir Michel Sagot.

На волне всплеска интереса к искусству эпохи модерна в начале 1970-х годов галерея переживает настоящее возрождение и получает современное название. В эти годы её залы стали обязательным пунктом туристической и деловой программы поездки в Париж для состоятельных коллекционеров с северо-американского континента. В 21 в. Galerie Documents по-прежнему остаётся семейным предприятием, которым управляет дочь Мишеля Саго Мирей, представляющее пятое поколение постоянных владельцев.

На выставках в Galerie Documents очень часто демонстрируются антикварные плакаты, афиши и рекламные листовки первой половины 20 в. Темы и сюжеты представленных в галерее графических произведений посвящены транспорту, гастрономии и кулинарии, туризму, морю и горам, праздникам, развлечениям, спорту и общественным проблемам.

In the halls of the gallery you can get an idea of ​​the work of the Italian cartoonist, book illustrator and leader of the designers Leonetto Capello (1875-1942). His poster for Klaus's chocolate symbolizes a new milestone in the history of graphic design.

The bright style of the poster, combining the features of futurism, surrealism, postcubism and modernity, was created by an emigrant from Russia, lithographer and designer Adolphe Moron (1901-1968), working under the pseudonym A. M. Cassander. Many of his works are associated with stage sets and stage costumes.

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In the works of the sculptor, designer and decorator Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988), the main motives were fantastic architecture, ancient ruins, images of acrobats and harlequins. On the posters of exhibitions created by him, one can see the author's porcelain and other samples of decorative and applied art.

Among the advertising materials, posters and posters exhibited in the gallery are such world-famous names as the founder of Fauvism Henri Matisse (1869-1054) and couturier Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008). Their creative work for the theater and the fashion house always occupies the most deserving place at the opening days of the Galerie Documents.

One of the main areas of work of Galerie Documents remains mutually beneficial cooperation with collectors, museums and businessmen. The vintage posters and posters displayed in its halls in previous years gave brightness and created an atmosphere of joy on the streets of cities, and now the masterpieces of the golden age of "ephemeral art" can decorate the walls of hotel halls or the interiors of business office centers.

Getting there

Address: 53 Rue de Seine, Paris 75006
Phone: + 33 1 43 54 50 68
Metro: Mabillon
Bus: Mazarine, Pont Neuf - Quai des Grands Augustins
Hours: 10: 30-19: 00