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The Zlotowski Art Gallery (Gallerie Zlotowski) began its activity in Paris in 1998. Initially, the interests of its founders Michel and Yves Zlotowski were focused on the avant-garde art of the early 20th century, with particular emphasis on cubism and related art movements. Subsequently, the chronological framework of its exposition was extended until the end of the 1960s.

A special place in the gallery's artistic policy is occupied by the search for works of art and work with the creative heritage of the outstanding Franco-Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Her staff helped to form the personal collections of the architect in the museums of Barcelona and Madrid.

Gallerie Zlotowski regularly takes part in major international exhibitions of contemporary art FIAC, ArtBasel and TEFAF. Her works of art have been repeatedly exhibited on lease at the Georges Pompidou Center, the Le Corbusier Foundation, the Museum of Modern Art de Paris, London's Tate Modern, the Bruceard Museum in Bozar, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The gallery's list of permanent exhibitors includes dozens of well-known and less popular names. At the vernissages and exhibitions organized here, the works of Frantisek Kupka, Paul Klee, Jean Tinguely, Joaquin Torres-Garcia, Niki de Saint-Phale, Jean Dubuffet, Vera Moliard, Fernand Leger, Jacques Lipschitz have been repeatedly exhibited.

Together with the gallery Galerie Eric Mouche, specialists from Gallerie Zlotowski worked several months ago on a two-part exhibition Le Corbusier : Panorama d'une oeuvre. During the days of her work, gallery visitors could see the sculptural works of the architect and a selection of funny media collages from fragments of newspapers and drawings in paint, pastel and pencil. As part of the celebration of the anniversary of the Dada movement, Gallerie Zlotowski organized a solo exhibition of Kurt Schwitters, including more than 20 collages.

Along with pictorial, graphic and sculptural works of art of the 20th century. Gallery staff pays great attention to the works of photo artists. The meaning of the photos presented at the personal exhibition of the American master of Cambodian origin Kim Hek is an attempt to give a form of unity to a tragically broken page in the history of the motherland.

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The theme of courage, survival, the threat of death is fundamental in his work. In his photographic works, he strives to maintain restraint of emotions and a sense of reverence for the individual fate of the characters in his works.

Each art event that takes place within the walls of the gallery is accompanied by the release of a carefully prepared catalog of the works of art presented by qualified specialists.

The art gallery Gallerie Zlotowski occupies a special place in the Paris art market due to its dedication to the chosen strategy of artistic selection and exhibiting rare works of art of great historical and cultural interest.

Getting there

Address: 20 Rue de Seine, Paris 75006
Phone: + 33 1 43 26 93 94
Metro: Mabillon
Bus: Jacob
Hours: 10: 30-19: 00