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The art gallery Claire Corcia (Claire Corcia Gallery), since the first exhibition organized by it in 2008, has constantly provided an excellent opportunity for Parisians and guests of the capital to keep abreast of the development of many directions of modern painting.

In its bright spacious halls with an area of ​​160 m2 exhibitions and vernissages of sculptors, graphic artists, artists and photographers are equally successful. Talented masters of contemporary art from France, Iran, Turkey, Israel and Argentina showcase their original works of various genres in the styles of expressionism, impressionism, primitivism and street art.

The main theme uniting the works of art exhibited here is consonant with French classical literature. Claire Corsia and her assistants pay great attention to the selection of works of art, the plots of which reflect the scenes of the "Human Comedy".

A student of P. Picasso, the Argentinean artist Sergio Moscona for many years drew inspiration from the dramatic pages of the history of his homeland, darkened by the omnipotence of dictators. Many of his drawings and paintings are characterized by a storm of emotions, in which a feeling of joy with a tinge of madness prevails.

The cycle of works "The Island" by Julien Callot can be called a kind of antipode to the creativity of S. Moscona. In her vivid paintings with festive colors, she calls to focus on the natural energy of happiness, joy, and a smile. The multicolored carnival whirlwinds of colors she uses enchant the viewer with their spontaneity.

At first glance, the sculptural compositions of Jean-Paul Reti are permeated with a sense of loneliness, but the warm wave of impressions emanating from them enchants in a few minutes. In his works, he strives to merge sculpture with photography, painting and design. Placing his works on the vertical plane of the wall, he surprises the visitor of the exhibition and gives him an unusual perspective for contemplation.

Dozens of names of artists and sculptors exhibited in the Claire Corcia Gallery for its visitors are a lot of opportunities to see the familiar world through the eyes of the creator and plunge into the universe of passions and emotions of the heroes of modern art.

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Claire Corcia Gallery is a full member of the professional association of gallerists Association des Galeries d'art du Grand Paris. Its employees are interested in the widest possible presentation of the works of art of their regular partners and help them exhibit theirs outside the gallery walls and at international art fairs.

Holding art auctions has been a permanent activity of the gallery for several years. Taking part in them, artists and sculptors have the opportunity to expand the circle of fans of their work, and art dealers and ordinary visitors to purchase original works.

Getting there

Address: 323 Rue Saint-Martin, Paris 75003
Phone: + 33 9 52 06 65 88
Metro: Réaumur - Sébastopol, Strasbourg - Saint-Denis
Hours: 11: 30-19: 00