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The art gallery was founded by Russian emigrant Jacques Kugel in 1970. Born into the family of a hereditary watchmaker and antiquary Matthias Kugel, he successfully continued the family business of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, who owned antique shops in Minsk and St. Petersburg from the end of the 18th century.

Jacques' sons Alexis and Nicolas Kugel took over the gallery in 1985. Almost 20 years later, they moved Galerie J. Kugel from a mansion on the rue Saint-Honoré to the Place de la Concorde area. Its new address was the Collot Hotel, built by the outstanding architect L. Visconti in 1840 for the director of the Mint J.-P. Collot. The gallery, which was housed in its halls in 2004, remains a universally recognized cultural center and a major antique salon.

The collection of Galerie J. Kugel presents works of art of various genres, created from the Middle Ages to the 1850s. Before becoming an exhibit of the Galerie J. Kugel, each of them is carefully examined to establish authorship and authenticity.

The uniqueness of the gallery lies in the very broad chronological framework and eclecticism of the works of art presented in it. Here you can view and purchase jewelry, antique furniture, ivory figurines, paintings and sculptures. Traditionally, the gallery owners pay special attention to Russian art.

Over the past decades, several significant events have taken place at the Galerie J. Kugel. Here one could see collections of fine Renaissance jewelry, bronzes of the ruling house of Liechtenstein. In 2006, an exhibition was held here in memory of one of the most influential antiquarians of the 20th century. N. Landau.

In 2002, the exhibition "The Art of Celestial Mechanics" attracted much attention, during which more than 50 terrestrial and celestial globes and many astronomical instruments were presented. More than 300 works of art were shown in the halls of the gallery in 1998, dedicated to Russian art. One of its most striking exhibits was the 54-carat diamond of Prince G. Potemkin, presented to him by Empress Catherine II.

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Galerie J. Kugel constantly collaborates with art museums around the world. Her regular partners include the J.P. Getty Museums, the Green Vault in Dresden and the Frick Collection in New York. The gallery's extensive art history library, consisting of 20 volumes, is an invaluable information resource for businessmen, collectors, historians and ordinary art lovers.

Getting there

Address: 25 Quai Anatole France, Paris 75007
Phone: + 33 1 42 60 86 23
Website: www.galeriekugel.com
Metro: Assemblee Nationale
Bus: Assemblee Nationale
Hours: 10: 00-18: 30