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Art gallery Galerie Sakura was created in 2010 by two fans of contemporary art M. Taravella and JB. Simon. Since that time, its exhibition space has occupied two floors of a building in the historic Parisian Marais quarter on rue du Bourg Tibourg.

The artistic concept adopted by Galerie Sakura implies the popularization of contemporary art and assistance to novice collectors in the formation of their own collections of original works of painting, graphics and photography.

The bright colors used in the decoration of the walls and columns of its halls serve as a contrasting background for extraordinary works of painting and photography. Every three months, a new thematic exhibition opens in the halls of the gallery, the participants of which are most often young and little-known artists with great talent.

Recently, visitors to Galerie Sakura have seen an exhibition of tattoo designs in a wide variety of styles, ranging from archaic ethnic motifs to abstract genre and hyperrealism. In works of art, a tattoo has long ceased to be a symbol of belonging to a particular tribe, but reflects many important events in the life of a modern person: birth, death, personal or professional success.

One of the most successful exhibitions held at the gallery in late 2017 was Contre-attaque II, featuring art inspired by the Star Wars universe. It was attended by about 50 well-known authors in the art world, who presented to the audience more than 100 sculptures, photographs and drawings illustrating the original author's vision of this fantastic world.

The American Dream exhibition, which took place in the halls of the gallery in early 2018, focused on the artistic aesthetics of Hollywood cinema in the 50s and 60s. The main place in it was taken by photographs created based on the plots of films by D. Lynch, A. Hitchcock, or on the basis of paintings by E. Hopper.

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The Pool Party that takes place during the summer months brings together photographers from France and many other European countries. It was attended by Emmanuel Brisson, Ed Freeman, Eva Stadler, Fang Tong, Gideon Hart, Imantas Boyko, Leonardo Valencia, Massimo Siragus, Maria Svarbova and Yulia Gorodinsky.

For holding creative meetings with artists and seminars where topical problems of contemporary art are discussed, the gallery has an auditorium with original decoration, designed for several hundred seats.

Getting there

Address: 21 Rue du Bourg Tibourg, Paris 75004
Phone: + 33 1 73 77 45 69
Metro: Hotel de Ville
Bus: Rue Vieille du Temple - Mairie du 4e
Hours: 12: 00-20: 00