3F Gallery in Paris

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Jean-Michel Faudunay opened the small art gallery Galerie 3F in 2002 at the foot of the Montmartre hill. Calling himself a "talented scout", the founder of the gallery strives to make the most of all 42 m2 its exhibition area.

The owner of the gallery sees his task not in creating a permanent collection, but in providing an opportunity for designers, artists and sculptors to take the first step towards fame in the world of art business. The main desire is F-M. Fodune to make Galerie 3F a place for real discoveries of contemporary art. The principle of the democratic nature of art remains important for him, so most of the paintings and sculptures exhibited in the hall can be purchased for quite reasonable prices.

The week-long exhibitions at Galerie 3F always feature an eclectic selection of contemporary fine art. In an effort to remain neutral in assessing the various areas of art of the 20th and 21st centuries. J-M. Foduna unwittingly shows an increased interest in Recycl'Art.

Having devoted a significant part of his life to the work of a gallery owner, the owner of Galerie 3F JM. Fodune continues to work as an artist. His works of recent years are filled with humor and bright colors, but behind the external frivolity lies anxiety for a living work. The strange one-eyed creatures he created for the exhibition "Cyclops... New Uncertainty" are assembled from garbage found on the beaches.

Anna Pulin's photographs and collages at the Gifts of the Pacific Ocean exhibition are filled with exotic colors of the tropics. Animal figurines, mosaics and digitally produced graphics complement this vibrant visuals.

Franco-American artist Stephanie Lerner at the exhibition with the terrifying title "The Rippers" (Tidelines) draws the attention of gallery visitors to the environmental problems of the Earth. The material for her work was ropes, plastic bags, bottles and other debris she found in the surf while wandering around the islands of the Caribbean, Greece, France and Morocco.

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Older artist Jean-Pierre Igoulin creates his paintings and drawings completely spontaneously. The search for the transfer of emotions in form and color, the desire for the absolute lead him to abstract art. Jewelry designer Claire Delbarr is constantly looking for inspiration from nature and presents unique jewelry in silver and gemstones. Birds, flower petals and trees with outward simplicity conquer fans of her talent with femininity and tenderness of images.

Over the past 3 years since the opening of Galerie 15F, Zh-M. Fodune was able to transform his former creative workshop into a club of friends and associates concerned about the future of wildlife.

Getting there

Address: 58 Rue des Trois Frères, Paris 75018
Phone: + 33 6 63 22 48 68
Website: galerie3f.fr
Metro: Abbesses
Bus: Durantin - Burq, Drevet