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Galerie Agathe Gaillard, the oldest art photography gallery in Paris, opened in 1975. Located in the Marais quarter, for almost half a century, for almost half a century, it has been introducing Parisians and tourists to this fine art.

The hallmark of the gallery and the main criterion for the selection of works from the first years of its work were the avant-garde and innovation in creativity. Agatha Gaillard was constantly looking for and finding photographers with a bright personality. The original author's view of the world in the halls of Galerie Agathe Gaillard was demonstrated by A. Kertes, JF. Charbonnier, R. Gibson, M. Alvarez Bravo, A. Cartier-Bresson, M. Ribou.

In 2017, the gallery with a glorious tradition and rich history was acquired by banker David Azema. As a sign of respect and gratitude to the founder and first owner, Agatha Gaillard, he chose to leave her name in the name of the exhibition hall.

In autumn, the Galerie Agathe Gaillard, renovated after renovation, reopened its doors for photographers and photography connoisseurs. The innovations affected only the facade and interiors of the gallery. Bright scarlet walls involuntarily draw the attention of passers-by to this temple of photography. The color scheme of the decoration of the exhibition halls opposite is sustained in neutral and muted light gray tones, which set the visitors up for a contemplative mood.

The team of employees of Galerie Agathe Gaillard, headed by Fiona Sagebi and Leah Vargas-Mallar, as before, is ready to amaze the imagination of connoisseurs of photographic art with the originality and excellent quality of the works of photographic art presented at exhibitions.

The photographic universe of Juliette Diemer is permeated with a sense of intimacy, the intimacy of an invisible conversation between a photographer and a visitor to the exhibition. The atmosphere of oriental contemplation and the mystery of nature prevailing in her black and white works is one of the main features of her work.

The Italian photographer Georgia Florio draws on the tradition of realism in art in his work. The objects of her artistic research are in the field of continuity of cultural traditions, the embodiment of collective visual memory in sculpture, closed professional communities of bullfighters, legionnaires, firefighters, boxers.

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Alexander Arminion, in pursuit of the goal of capturing in his works all the natural nuances of the beauty of natural landscapes, constantly experiments with various photography techniques. Starting with the cityscapes of Paris, he gradually became more and more interested in traveling to Asian countries. In his new works, he opens up little-known corners of China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Iran to the audience.

About 20 masters of art photography took part in the collective exhibition "In the Sun". In early summer 2018, Galerie Agathe Gaillard invited its guests to immerse themselves in the poetic and relaxing atmosphere of a summer vacation with its inevitable intrigues and mysteries.

Getting there

Address: 3 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, Paris 75004
Phone: + 33 1 42 77 38 24
Metro: Pont Marie
Bus: Église Saint-Gervais, Pont Louis Philippe
Hours: 14: 00-19: 00