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The starting point in the history of Galerie BS was 2008. From that time on, her team began active exhibition activities to promote and support young talented French artists.

Following current trends in the world of art business, the BS Gallery strives to adapt to work outside the walls of a permanent exhibition hall. She takes an active part in the organization and holding of art fairs at the national and international levels.

The flexible exhibition policy of Galerie BS includes mutually beneficial cooperation with creative youth in many areas of the visual arts. At the exhibitions and opening days organized by her, paintings, sculptures, installations and other forms of contemporary art were demonstrated.

The eclectic program of the gallery's exhibition activities introduced Parisians to the work of Zeng, Matthew Climersmois, Nicolas Del, Romain Langlois, Arnaud Provost, Young Seminet, Boris Foscolo.

The influence of Rodin and Brancusi is clearly felt in the composition and plasticity of R. Langlois's abstract sculptures. Using wood, stone and metal in his works, he seeks to express in the material the drama of a person broken by time and circumstances.

Since 2012, disobedience and marginal states of personality have become the main theme of the work of the young Korean-born artist Yang Semin. Using weeds in her works, she seeks to show the vitality of wild nature, "harmful" forms of manifestation of life, their organic combination with modern social conditions. Her sculptures, collages, photographs and paintings became the main exhibits of the Weeds exhibition, which was held as part of the agricultural week in Paris.

In the fall of 2017, the main event at Galerie BS was the collective exhibition "Contemporary Mythology". On tapestries, lithographs and drawings M. Klimersmois, N. Dele and L. Murat represent their fantastic world inhabited by people, monsters and gods. The themes exciting young artists relate to the problems of the influence of mass culture, advertising images, the possibilities of the media and modern computer technologies, ways to generate demons and deities.

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Visual artist and sound engineer M. Klimersmua used compositions in the style of neo-pop music to design the audio series of his solo exhibition "Generation of the 7th Continent". In his work on a series of drawings, collages and sketches for paintings, he was largely guided by topical environmental problems. Using more than 500 plastic bottles to create a giant fish, he wanted to demonstrate the danger of neglecting environmental protection.

Over the past decade, the Galerie BS art gallery has become a common home for artists concerned about the state of modern society and seeking to express their anxiety in the language of contemporary visual art that is perfectly accessible to them.

Getting there

Address: 2 Rue Thorel, Paris 75002
Phone: + 33 6 15 11 69 97
Metro: Bonne Nouvelle
Hours: 11: 00-19: 00